Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 12: Till Death Do Us Part Review

Lucha Underground Till Death Do Us PartLucha Underground Till Death Do Us Part

This week, Johnny and Taya get married. This should end well!

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 12: Till Death Do Us Part

After a video recapping previous events from past episodes, we see Johnny Mundo in the locker room getting ready for his wedding with Taya. PJ Black and Jack Evans are also with him and said they had a surprise for him. Joey Wrestling (also known as Joey Matthews/Mercury) then appeared. Mundo made him his best man and demoted Ricky Mundo to ring bearer. Mundo, Evans, Black, and Joey left as Ricky’s creepy doll talked about Ricky keeping his vows to her.

After some shots of Downtown Los Angeles, we head inside the Ice Temple where Metalachi were playing. Matt Striker and Vampiro welcomed us to the show as two obnoxious fans were standing behind them. One of the two immature dimwits began assaulting others around him during this segment. Shameful. Famous B was at ringside doing ring announcing duties as Melissa Santos was still recovering from her attack from Catrina in the previous episode. Jake Strong was already in the ring for the first match, and the show would go to commercial before it began.

Jake Strong vs. Drago

This was a standard Big Man vs. Little Man type of match. The match began after a commercial break, and Strong would control things to start. Drago would mount a quick comeback, but Strong would cut that off with a tackle to the knee. Strong would work over Drago with several rest holds before Drago mounted another comeback. The match would head outside of the ring where the two brawled for a while. During this, Strong would backdrop Drago into a set of bleachers. Strong would send Drago back inside the ring where he hit a slingshot splash and followed up with an Ankle Lock for the submission win.

After the match, Aerostar ran in to save Drago from getting his ankle broken.

After a commercial break, we head back inside the Ice Temple for a “No Mas” match. Jack Evans was already in the ring during his introduction.

No Mas Match: Jack Evans vs. XO Lishus

Jack would insult XO before the match, leading to XO attacking Jack. XO would use this to get control of the match early, causing Jack to try to run away. Jack would mount a comeback and hit a 450 splash off the ring apron. After being sent into Matt Striker’s lap. XO would hit a blockbuster off the commentary table onto Jack Evans. The action would go back-and-forth as the two would brawl around the Ice Temple as the two were trying to make the other quit. Ivelisse ran in to attack Jack Evans, but Jack got the upper hand. XO would gain control of the match off the distraction and sent Jack back inside the ring. Jack would eventually make another comeback before things went back-and-forth again. During this, a chair was brought into the ring.

Jack would set the chair up and said he was going to snap XO Lishus’ neck as he was going to the top rope. Joey Ryan ran out to plead with Jack not to hurt XO while Ivelisse pulled XO off the chair. XO Lishus would then put Jack Evans in an armbar. Jack then yelled “No Mas!” to give XO the win.

After the match, Joey Ryan tried to convince Ivelisse and XO Lishus that he was there to help. XO would reluctantly take Joey’s hand and the three celebrated in the ring as the show went to a commercial.

The Wedding Of Johnny Mundo & Taya: Act 1

After a commercial break, Jack was crawling backstage as Johnny and the other members of Worldwide Underground stood by getting ready for the wedding. Ricky asked if he could no longer be the ring bearer, and Johnny snapped on him. After Johnny, Joey, and PJ left, Ricky’s doll began to talk.

Inside the ice Temple, Famous B welcomed everyone to the ceremony. He’s a minister and welcomes ugly people. Call 423-GET-FAME for details. He then announced Johnny and the groomsmen out to ringside. After the groomsmen arrived, Famous B introduced Taya, who had Cheerleader Melissa and Beautiful Brenda as bridesmaids.

Meanwhile, Ricky Mundo is outside of a room somewhere in the Ice Temple. Ricky’s doll ordered him to give Johnny and Taya a “gift they would never forget.” Ricky then took bolt cutters and unlocked the room, which had contained Matanza Cueto. Ricky would grab his doll and ran away as Matanza emerged from his room.

The Wedding Of Johnny Mundo & Taya: Act 2

After a commercial, Famous B began the wedding ceremony. As he asked people to speak up about whether they object to the wedding, Antonio Cueto emerged from his office. He said that unlike his son Dario, he liked Johnny and wanted to give him a gift. He then ordered the bell be rang, leading to taco caterers to deliver tacos for everyone.

The wedding would continue, and the two exchanged vows. After the vows, Famous B asked them if they’d take each other’s hands in marriage till death do them part. Famous B would ask for the rings, which would bring out Ricky Mundo and his doll. After being insulted by Famous B, Johnny got on the mic and kicked Ricky out of the ring. He would then take a seat in the bleachers. Johnny and Taya then exchanged rings.

As Famous B was about to pronounce them man and wife, Matanza hit the ring and interrupted the wedding. He would proceed to attack everyone, including Cheerleader Melissa. Beautiful Brenda would faint during the attack, and Matanza suplexed Famous B while he was in his wheelchair. As this was all happening, Ricky Mundo watched from the crowd and laughed. Matanza would finish this assault by throwing Taya onto the table that had the wedding cake to close the show.

Final Thoughts

This was a really fun episode of Lucha Underground. I didn’t care about the Jake Strong match. I understand they’re building him up, but his matches are usually boring. The Evans/XO match was good for what it was, and it had a nice story. What really made this episode really fun was the wedding plot. Famous B really shined in his roles. The attack from Matanza was also really entertaining. Overall I’d say skip the match scenes but go out of your way to watch the wedding.

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