Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 355 Review

Adrian Quest stood unmasked and got interviewed. He calls out Fidel Bravo and mentioned that Young Fuego is ready for war. 

Dicky Mayer vs. D Man 

Dicky’s style verses D Man’s is quite different. Dicky will tech you and strong style you all day. D Man is much flashier, even though they have both trained in Japan. Dicky took it to the ground immediately with lots of submission transitions by both wrestlers. D Man slaped Dicky and that was a mistake as Dicky snap-mared him and started hammering on his collarbone. D Man answered, and took control .Dicky nailed a one legged drop kick to break up D Man’s momentum. Dicky really went strong style but got caught in a lock. Dicky then hit his forearm to the neck and then hit his knee first curb stomp to win. Good competitive match that had a lot going for it, and a good start for the show.

D’Marco Wilson vs. Ty Matthews

Ty Matthews came out alone without Watts, in a suit. He took off the jewelry and rolled up his sleeves, but he still had the tie on. Matthews got knocked out of the ring early, but recovered to a handshake. Matthews used his hyper optimism to freeze D’Marco but then got a nice underhook suplex and took control .D’Marco hit a sky high cross body, but couldn’t get the three count. Matthews got another pump handle, followed by a series of impressive suplexes. An exploding knee by D’Marco almost got a three count, but he got caught in a faceplant and a spear by Matthews took it.

Karl Interviews Ray Rosas

Karl asked Ray about his championship match, since he won his match against Scorpio last week. Ray knew Scorpio sees him as a threat, but he knows now that he can beat Sky. He said Sky will be not a four time champion, but a four time loser.

Hunter Freeman & Ryan Walker vs. Tomaste and Ryan Taylor 

Taylor and walker started things off.  Both showed off a bunch of technical skill. Tomaste got in, but ate a big boot right away. Some double team work and Tomaste’s was really feeling the heavy strikes and action from his opponents. Taylor nailed a wild body scissors arm bar, and something else combined. It ended the match quickly after a risk by Tomaste paid off by nailing a dropkick to open it up. Tomaste got interviewed after the match and mentioned that the universe has granted them their victory today. Taylor got asked if the team is working. Taylor says he doesn’t know, but Tomaste won the match for them today.

Julius Coleman vs. Royce Isaacs

Isaacs spits gum at the commentators. He’s lucky their dad wasn’t there. Coleman got the ball going early with a head scissor, and a huge cross body springboard off the top. Coleman looked on fire to start out the match, but Isaacs slowed him down with a rope drape and some suplexes, including a long stalling vertical suplex for two. Every time Coleman tried to fight back, it was snuffed out quickly by Isaacs. Royce hit an axe handle from the middle rope and pronounced he’s on fire. Coleman got a flurry in and superkicked Isaacs for two, then tried for a flatliner but got slammed down hard. Isaacs went for Hush Money, but it was reversed by Coleman, then it got nailed by a transition from a wheelbarrow to Hush Money to finish it.

Suede came out and tried to threaten Isaacs, but he was held back by the refs. He wasn’t smart enough to sneak past them like Isaacs did last week apparently.

Denise Interviews Nico and the Classic Connection

Nico got asked if the office is complete. He said no, Peter will be back in a few weeks. He’s going to award the Classic Connection a shot at the titles with the Reno Scum. So apparently we got a championship match next week.

Adrian Quest vs. Fidel Bravo 

Quest mounted Bravo and the match turned into a brawl immediately and went nonstop until Bravo took a time out to the outside. Quest started out on fire, until Bravo hit a suicide dive to the outside. Bravo hit a fisherman’s suplex. Bravo grounded down on Quest for a while, even grabbing the hair to keep control, choking Quest.  You name it, he did it. Quest found a second gear later with some springboard work, but Bravo fish hooked Quest before they went to commercial.

Quest and Bravo were still battling it out after the break and Quest nailed a run up moonsault right onto Bravo that looked great. Bravo rang the bell and resorted to cheating to gain an advantage. It really seemed like for every big move Quest did, Bravo answered with brutality and aggressiveness. Quest gave the leg of Bravo over to the ref to get a neck breaker in, highly innovative. Quest hit his standing shooting star but it was not enough. Bravo nailed Quest with a Michinoku driver, but could only get a two count. Bravo got duped to the outside and Quest wiped him out with a corkscrew cross body to the floor of the turnbuckle. Quest landed some kicks and got his variation DDT before he got to the top rope.

Pinky then made a surprise appearance and got in the way of Quest. Pinky grabbed Quest and gave him the choke to sleep. Pinky then approached Bravo as apparently a new member of his crew. The announcer mentioned that Pinky’s trying to make himself somebody, because right now he’s a nobody; they haven’t seen him in months. 

Final Thoughts

The matches went by quick this week, they managed to fit in five matches and some interviews. The Dicky match with D Man was low key one of the better ones on the show. Adrian Quest and Bravo put on a good main event. The search for Peter Avalon continues, and there will be some gold to be fought over next week. Hopefully CWFH keeps their momentum going.


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