Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 339 Review: Dogvember 2017 Finale

We close DOGVEMBER with Brian Cage vs. Ryan Taylor in the main event of CWFH. Click for the review, stay for cute dog videos!

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The show starts with some girl interviewing Ryan Taylor backstage. He’s got a match with Brian Cage on this show. The Fightin’ Taylor Boys collide on another boring ass episode of CWFH!

Cool Boarders (Guy Cool & D’Marco Wilson) vs. The Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) w/the fake Marquez son

The commentary guys tried to be funny when playing up Guy Cool’s character. They failed. Badly. Many times. They both suck at trying to be funny. Cool Boarders got offense on Buddy Royal early in the match. Then the Classic Connection controlled the match and things went to shit when they worked over D’Marco Wilson. Every tag match in CWFH is the same shit. Guy Cool got a hot tag to a lukewarm reaction and annoying crowd noise. The fake Marquez son tripped up Guy Cool, and Classic Connection used that to get the win. What atrocious booking.

Astro Viajero (Adrian Quest) vs. Mikey O’Shea

Anyone ever notice how the fake crowd noise sounds like people riding a roller coaster at a carnival more than a wrestling crowd? That’s really all I could notice in this match since it was so fucking distracting.

I’ve said this before, but the worst thing I have to say about Mikey is that he needs to fix his look. Aside from that, he’s a decent smaller heavyweight style worker. This was a typical heavyweight vs. Jr. Heavyweight contest. Mikey threw Viajero around, Viajero flew around, and all that jazz. Viajero won in a decent, but somewhat sloppy match.

Post match shenanigans: Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) came out to ringside, and Los Rancheros (Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera under masks) tied to attack Astro Viajero, but he got away. Dino was pissed after that and made stupid faces you see a cheesy 80’s movie villain makes. He’s really terrible, just like the booking of this show.

After this, the Dicky Mayer “American Thunder” promo with shitty music is played. I think Dicky is a great performer, but Jesus this gimmick is lame. “He did a tour of Japan so let’s try to make some lame gimmick where he’s a guy who wrestled in Japan!” I bet they’re gonna have him feud with Devin Sparks in the future too.

Matt Knicks vs. Kevin Condron w/ Thomas

This was a random rematch. There was no reason for this. Knicks got the “already in the ring” treatment. There was a nice shot of a lot of empty chairs behind Condron during his entrance. This was really boring. Condron won after a distraction from Thomas, followed by him blowing vape in Knicks’ face and then a basic DDT. 27 minutes past the hour and the show has done nothing to advance any major storylines. Yuma Booking sucks.

After a commercial break, that girl interviews Howdy Price and Los Rancheros. She asks him why they’re targeting Spirit and the Stars. Howdy is really terrible. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Ray Lyn (w/ Dylan Bostic) vs. Mazzerati

33 minutes past the hour and still no storylines advanced aside from the Howdy Price bullshit that nobody will give a fuck about..This match was a rematch from two weeks ago. Again, Yuma Booking really is awful.

The bootleg South Pacific Power Couple are just awful. The fake crowd noise cheered Ray Lyn, the heel, because defying logic is the goal here at CWFH. This was a really terrible match with no real heat. Mazzerati won with a sloppy crucifix pin. After the match, Ray Lyn threw a tantrum. Did I mention how this match sucked?

Brian Cage vs. Ryan Taylor

A long time ago in a promotion way more prominent than CWFH, Ryan Taylor and Brian Cage (Taylor) were part of a stable with Chuck Taylor called the Fightin’ Taylor Boys. Now CWFH is trying to capitalize on the success of that promotion by booking this match.

The match started with Brian Cage on offense early on. He mostly used chops, strikes, and suplex throws. At one point, Ryan Taylor went for a plancha, but missed. After that, Brian Cage powerbombed Ryan Taylor into a ring post before a commercial break. Ryan Taylor would mount a comeback and things evened out. Cage won with a Turnbuckle Powerbomb followed by a rolling Lariat. This was a solid match, but the commentary crew were really fucking annoying in this. As was the fake crowd noise.

Final Thoughts

This was another wretched episode of CWFH. The booking is terrible, as usual, and nothing important happened. Whatever happened to that fake Sheik guy?

Well, that does it for Dogvember. It’s been a fun ride, but all good things must come to an end. Don’t be sad though, as I’ve decided to create a new feature once a month celebrating the glory of dogs! Stay tuned!

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