Tales from the Vault – November 2017

In this month’s look through the SCU vault we take a look back at lucha Underground’s first SoCal show to take place outside the temple, Joey Ryan saying goodbye to SoCal, EPIC during its rebirth, and Ultimo Dragon’s SoCal debut.

One Year Ago

Lucha Underground’s fourth season was just announced but a year ago they experimented with a three city live tour that consisted of free shows taking place at fairs and festivals. The only SoCal appearance took place at the Escondido Tamale Festival. I was there for a review.

Lucha Underground “En Vivo” November 5, 2016 – review

Five Years Ago

Joey Ryan was set to make his last appearance with PWG as he had signed with TNA. Jay Cal wrote a thank you to him.

Jay Cal’s View: Thank You Joey Ryan

Ten Years Ago

EPIC Pro Wrestling WAR was putting on some really strong cards in the mid-2000s. They also had crazy angles such as the CSAC shutting down the show only to be assaulted in the ring and the promotion claiming they do what they want. Joey Ryan and Brian Danielson also had a match. Paul Newberry and Jay Doring were on hand to review the action.

EPIC Pro Wrestling WAR – 10/20/07 Live Report

Fifteen Years Ago

Probably the two biggest wrestling stories of the early 2000s in Southern California were the Messiah getting his thumb cutoff and EPIC’s show with Ultimo Dragon getting canceled at the last minute. Now days there are 50 shows running a month and several all-star promotions running at the same time so a show like BRAVE falling apart is a story for a couple of days. In 2002 that wasn’t the case and when EPIC collapsed people were mad. Ultimo Dragon was set to make his Southern California debut at EPIC’s show, but the show didn’t happen. However what is usually lost in the whole story is Ultimo Dragon actually did wrestle at a WPW event the night before. Mac Machine (Travis Gray) was there.

WPW Review – November 16th, 2002

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