Tales from the Vault – September 2017

In this month’s look through the SCU archive we have an interview with a wrestler transitioning from MMA, a wrestler who wants to transition to MMA, changes to CWFH, and an EPIC WAR show that was… epic. Click to look through the vault.

One Year Ago

Matt Riddle made his Southern California debut at last year’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles. After night 3 of the tournament, Andrew had a chance to speak with him and the discussed such things as his marijuana use, transitioning from MMA to pro-wrestling, and wrestling Jeff Cobb.

Matthew Riddle interview: Wrestling, MMA, Media Sensationalism, Marijuana, and more!

Five Years Ago

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood announced it was leaving the NWA. Jay Cal had the news.

Introducing CWF: Hollywood

Ten Years Ago

Paul Newberry and Jay Doring went to an EPIC WAR show that featured a main event of Markus Riot (Jacob Diez) versus Jack Evans. The show also had The Young Bucks, Joey Ryan, Davey Richards, Kaos, and Ricardo Rodriguez (as Chimaera) among others. Here is their report.

EPIC Pro Wrestling WAR – 09/08/07 Live Report

Fifteen Years Ago

One of my all-time favorite wrestlers to watch was “Iceman” John Black. He and Adam Pearce are the only two wrestlers I can remember who could regularly generate that type of heat that had people in the crowd actually wanting to kill them. One time at a WCWA show Iceman had so enraged the crowd a fan decided to rush the ring. Iceman absolutely destroyed him. His feud with Babi Slymm had that venue on the verge of rioting every show. He became a big fan of MMA, and later did some MMA fights and tried to start a worked shoot promotion in Southern California. I had a chance to interview him in 2002.

“Iceman” John Black interview

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