Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 327 Review: Storytime with Zandig

I really have nothing for this intro. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood review. Go.

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We start the show off with ANOTHER BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW! Joshua Shibata interviews Espiritu (Fidel Bravo). He’s facing Peter Avalon. This was the same old boring ass opening to CWFH. This is the most complacent and uninspired wrestling show to ever air on television. This online series using a WWE video game to tell a story about someone running over Zandig’s car is more entertaining and intriguing than anything CWFH is doing now.

Peter Avalon (w/ the fake Marquez son) vs. Espiritu (Fidel Bravo)

This started off with Espiritu doing a bunch of lucha spots. Then it became Peter “slowing it down” to get some heat. Espiritu made a comeback and hit some decent offense. The fake crowd noise was bad. I’m not going shut up about it till it’s gone. Ray Rosas interrupted the match by entering to Peter’s music and dressed like him. The distraction allowed Espiritu to hit the E.C.D. for the win. A few fans chanted “that was awesome” because they have low standards. After the match, Peter was mad and everyone left. The match was ok, but that doesn’t matter to people at CWFH. They’re all about storytelling, which they really suck at as evident by this segment.

So far in this feud Ray lost a bunch of times, and now Peter lost a few, including one to Ray. Why the fuck am I supposed to care about this poorly booked storyline? Does Dave Marquez really expect this shit to captivate the (small) CW Plus audience he wants to win over? His creative team really needs to watch these Zandig videos to learn the art of storytelling.

After a commercial, Karl Mandik interviews Devin Sparks who is with Ichi & Ni. For some fucking reason, he’s representing Japan in the World Heritage Invitational. As if this tournament wasn’t already a joke. Look, I get it. His character loves Japanese culture and thinks he’s a star there. The gimmick is played out now and lost its entertainment value.

Open Challenge – United Wrestling Network Tag Team Championship Match: Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic w/ Coach Flexo & “Water Dicky” Clearance) vs. Evan Daniels & R3

Joe Granola Bar is back on ring announcer duties. He’s way better than that Hispanic hipster guy. Stay dapper and woke. Daniels and R3, the undefeated team from Arizona who lost in their CWFH debut to the makeshift team of Ray Rosas & Tito Escondido, are answering an open challenge. CWFH: where you don’t have to win matches to get title shots! These guys just decided to have a straight up shit formula tag match. They bypassed the opening sequence and just started out with Evan Daniels being the face-in-peril. R3 predictably cleaned house off the hot tag. Then the Pac 3 won with a low blow on R3 from Bostic after a distraction to retain the titles. Arizona’s undefeated tag team have now been buried in Oxnard.

After the match, CWFH advertises Alberto Del Rio. Yup. They said Del Rio. On television. Not El Patron. It’s like Dave Marquez is daring Vince McMahon and the WWE legal department to sue him.

World Heritage Invitational: Rixon Ruas vs. Devin Sparks (w/ Ichi & NI) vs. Tristan Archer

Archer’s music kept playing well after the bell rang. Good work CWFH production crew! Archer was a face here despite being a heel before. This match featured more formulaic bullshit, this time in the Triple Threat sense. One guy goes down, two guys go at it, then spots. This show really sucks. Archer hit his finisher, then Sparks tossed him out of the ring to pin Ruas for the win. This was pretty boring for the most part. Archer is solid, but he couldn’t save this match from being weak. Bad booking=bad outcomes.

After a commercial break, Joshua Shibata interviews Peter Avalon and the fake Marquez son. They have a “huge announcement.” It was about the OHM Nightclub show that they’ve been advertising for awhile now. There was no mention of Ray Rosas costing Peter his match earlier. This was a fucking stupid waste of time.

Astro Viajero (Adrian Quest) vs. D’Marco Wilson

Finally, a match where there isn’t some bullshit involved! Both guys put on a solid match that was ruined by the shitty fake crowd noise. There was a sloppy striking exchange sequence, but aside from that this was a good match. D’Marco Wilson used his skateboard deck to distract Viajero, which was a funny spot. Viaerjo got the win. I’m glad CWFH allowed these two to showcase what they could do. The commentators say the main event is next. I don’t even know what it is!

The Alberto Del Rio ad is played again. Since CWFH’s creative team sucks, I bet he does a squash match, calls someone a “perro” during a promo, and has a competitive match with someone.

Ricky Mandel vs. Ray Rosas

The commentators brought up Howdy Price and made a fat joke about him. Wonderful. This seriously might be the worst episode of CWFH I’ve reviewed this year. How the fuck does Ricky Mandel get booked on shows in such prominent positions? There was a bunch of bullshit going on before a commercial break. I wanted to yell. Poor Ray. He deserves better than this horseshit. Ray won after hitting Peter’s finisher, the Martini-Knees. After the match, nothing happened. Peter didn’t attack Ray or anything. That show made Peter look pathetic. Then again, this show is pretty pathetic overall.

Final Thoughts

No follow up on the Raze/Condron angle. Nothing involving Sky, Duke, or Christian Cole, who hasn’t been seen since turning on Sky. Tyler Bateman wasn’t given any momentum or build up after winning the Red Carpet Rumble. The champions, Tito Escondido and Rocky Romero, were afterthoughts. Anthony Idol’s random feud with Eric Watts and Brody King wasn’t acknowledged. Wait, is Brody King still feuding with D.J. Hyde? Does Ryan Taylor still exist? And whatever happened to that Omar guy?

This show continues to be a mess. The average viewing audience is going to forget about what is happening on this show, and they’re not going to feel compelled to want to tune in again. The matches aren’t good, the angles are poorly played out, feuds aren’t booked well, and so much talent is being wasted.

I’m going to write a column soon about the many issues this show has. I usually say the same things over and over, which is more CWFH’s fault, but I really want to expound more on why this show sucks week after week. It’s a shame too, because CWFH has shown that they could have solid episodes before. So many of their performers deserve better than what they’re getting.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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  1. I couldnt believe they wrote alberto del rio. Wtf is up with this show? How did it get national syndication? This weeks episode made me long for the days when they gave jared vargas the kingpin gimmick.

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