SoCal News & Notes 08/04/2017

In today’s Southern California pro-wrestling and MMA news and notes we have updates from SoCal Pro, CFL, Dicky Mayer in Japan, Lucha Underground, VWE, FIST Combat, and more. Click for today’s update.

On August 2nd WWE wrestlers Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Nia Jax, and Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan did some training at SoCal Pro’s wrestling school in San Marcos. Recently Brie Bella announced that she would be making a comeback after giving birth to her and Daniel Bryan’s 1st child. The training was filmed for an upcoming episode of Total Divas. Amazingly, despite living and wrestling regularly in Southern California before going to WWE, Daniel Bryan never appeared on a SoCal Pro show.

SoCal Pro has added the Rabbit Tribe from Lucha Underground (Paul London, Saltador, and Mala Suerte) to their annual Super Clash show on September 16th in Oceanside. Kikutaro, Bestia 666, and Damian 666 will be on the show as well.

California Fight League’s August 5th show at Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto was previously listed as being available as a PPV on Fite.TV, but it has been removed from Fite’s schedule.

Dicky Mayer was defeated by TAKA Michinoku with a cross arm face lock on July 30th’s K-Dojo show in Chiba, Japan

This past Wednesday’s Lucha Underground rating is up quite a bit from last week, with 104,000 viewers for the 8:00 pm showing and 58,000 for the 9:00 pm showing.

Brody King is off the September 23rd debut show for Bumps and Brewses in Los Angeles, and his match against Tito Escondido will now be H.A.T.E (Tito Escondido, Che Cabrera, and Rico Dynamite) versus Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend).

Baja Stars USA’s new Aztec Pro Wrestling promotion is having a little trouble getting off the ground. They were hoping to run their first show in August, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point and I understand they are now hoping for September.

The full lineup for Venue Wrestling Entertainment’s Lighting Belt tournament on August 25th in Imperial has been announced. The first round matchups are Lil’ Cholo versus Eli Everfly, OG Playboy versus Exodus, and Amazing Jr. versus Jacob Diez. The three winners will face in a three-way for the finals.

FIST Combat’s August 11th show in San Diego will have Kikutaro’s return to the promotion when he faces Dirty Ron McDonald for the Get FISTed title.

This week’s shows:


Lucha Attack in La Puente, CA (Free Event)

Millennium Pro Wrestling in Moorpark, CA

EWF in Covina, CA

NWA Vendetta Pro presents MidgetMania in Thousand Oaks, CA


Lucha Attack in Los Angeles, CA (Free Event)

Sabotage in Imperial Beach, CA

California Fight League presents CFL 11 in Adelanto, CA


Lucha Libre Alliance in Los Angeles, CA

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