Gregg and Steve Preview Sabotage’s Something’s Got To Give

This Saturday Sabotage will be making its return to Southern California after running their last show in Austin, TX, making its debut in San Diego. While every Sabotage show to date has featured some intergender wrestling, this show is being billed as a full on war of the genders with every match featuring a male wrestler taking on a female wrestler. With the promotion making its return, Steve and Gregg (DJ Chopstix) teamed up to take a look at the show.

Ray Lyn vs. Peter Avalon

Steve:  The first Sabotage show was Ray Lyn’s SoCal coming out party and she’s been a great addition to the scene. She always shows a ton of character and puts in some pretty solid work. Peter Avalon is really good at playing an arrogant heel and I think the dynamic between him and Ray Lyn should be fun.

Gregg: I agree, the dynamic will be fun. I expect over-the-top comedy spots and I ain’t mad ‘bout that.

Mazzerati & Desi Derata vs. Human Tornado & “Rocket Boy” D’marco Wilson

Gregg: Tag team action. While I haven’t seen too much of Mazzerati, Desi continues to impress me every time I see her. Will she break out the stilts again for the talent show? This should be a fun one to see if Mazerrati and Derata can up their game to match the experience of Tornado and Wilson.

Steve: I’ve really enjoyed the interactions between Tornado and Desi Derata on social media leading up to this. Tornado has been getting pretty wild, and Derata has just had her first MMA fight. Tornado might die. This should be fun.

Sage Sin Supreme vs. Joe Heiken

Steve: People who haven’t seen Joe Heiken before are in for a treat. Even though he didn’t technically start out at FCW’s Battle U, he’s been one of the breakout stars from the school. His character is great and he is a lot of fun to watch in the ring. Sage Sin has a ton of charisma too, and her selling should really amplify Heiken’s stiff looking offense. Sage is already pretty popular in Southern California, but I expect this match to put Heiken on some other promotion’s radars.

Gregg: Heiken should be booked more around SoCal. It’s a great character and pretty inspiring that he can wrestle while blind. Sage is solid and I’m glad to see her getting the recognition and spotlight she deserves.

Holidead vs. Mariachi Loco

Gregg: I like to think that the seeds of this match were planted in a little interview Holidead did with SCU. Watching these two go back and forth on social media has been entertaining and intriguing. We couldn’t get Holi to twerk, but is Mariachi loco enough to get her to dance? Sabotage’s first show gave us a taste of this match with the Twisted Sisterz vs. Cholo and Loco, so I expect this match will be one that fans will be talking about after the show is over.

Steve: I’ve had a different feeling watching their promos. I feel like there is a different type of tension here. Yeah, Mariachi Loco will get Holidead to dance, but it will likely be to Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’s timeless classic, I’ve Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. I just hope Loco knows that nobody puts Holi in a corner.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Steven Tresario

Steve: I admittedly don’t really know anything about Steven Tresario. Hopefully Gregg can shed some more light on him. Shotzi is pretty awesome however and it’s always a lot of fun to watch her wrestle. This will be her first appearance in the San Diego area I believe.

Gregg: I hadn’t heard of Steven Tresario, but after watching his Sabotage promo, I was intrigued. I don’t know if the snapping is just a part of his gimmick or an actual tick (I saw him at AWS and he was doing it just sitting in the crowd). Quite frankly, I don’t care. It makes him stand out as a character.

I did my due diligence as an investigative journalist and watched a few of his matches on YouTube. His match against (fellow Boy Meets World enthusiast) Daniel Torch was pretty good and shows what he’s capable of.

It’s interesting to note that Tresario and Shotzi trained together. And while Shotzi’s star power has been on the rise in 2017, I think it’s only a matter of time before Tresario will be there, too.

Hudson Envy vs. B-Boy

Gregg: This is the match that excites me. I’m a huge Hudson Envy fan and champion her to face anyone and everyone. If there was a way for Hudson to face Hudson Street Fighter-style wearing different colored gear, I’d be in. B-Boy’s career speaks for itself, no point in hyping him up. Although, I do miss the Blazin’ Benny days with the long braid. If there was any way for Sabotage to top B-Boy vs. CVE, this would be it.

Steve: Joking aside, I really expect this to be really good. Like Gregg mentioned B-Boy and CVE had a pretty good couple of matches and this could top those. I’m really looking forward to this.

Thunder Rosa vs. Ray Rosas

Steve: This was originally supposed to be Douglas James against Thunder Rosa, which would have been a matchup between the 2015 Southern California rookie of the year and runner up, but Douglas James was unable to be on the show so Ray Rosas is taking his place. It turns out this is actually a much more interesting matchup, because not a lot of people know but Ray Rosas middle name is actually Thunder. If that wasn’t crazy enough Thunder Rosa’s middle name is Ray. So the matchup is actually Thunder Ray Rosa versus Ray Thunder Rosas. It’s basically like when Batman travels to Earth-11 and meets Batwoman.

Gregg: And you learn something new every day.

Seeing Thunder Rosa’s schedule on social media and how fans from around the country are asking to see her booked in their city, makes me realize how spoiled we are to get to see her on a regular basis. Thunder Ray Rosa’s got this one.

Delilah Doom vs. Eli Everfly

Gregg: It’s Delilah Doom. At this point, she’s an honorary part of SoCal. Texas can claim her, but she’s ours. This should be a crazy match with two different and distinct styles. Eli continues to impress me as one of the craziest daredevils I’ve seen in a while (that dive at FCW a few months ago was insane) but I gotta go with the Sabotage champ in this one.

Steve: While it’s too bad we won’t get Ruby Raze versus Doom on this show, when it was first announced this would be an all intergender show my first thought was Eli Everfly and Delilah Doom would be a really good matchup. The Sabotage brass must have had the same thought. Delilah’s infectious energy and Eli’s innovate offense should mesh really well and this should be fun.

Final Thoughts

Steve: While I know this preview isn’t as serious as some of the other stuff on SCU, that’s one of the joys of Sabotage. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and the shows are built on being a lot of fun. That’s not to say there isn’t good wrestling, because there is. If you haven’t been to a Sabotage show before, I’d highly recommend it, as it is like nothing else in the area. Get there early too, because once again they’ll be having a pre-show talent show, which is really worth seeing.

Gregg: With Sabotage seemingly heading more towards Texas, I don’t know what its future holds in SoCal. But never forget that Sabotage was born here and will always be a part of SoCal. With that being said, follow the Good Book and hire Joshua Shibata. And DM me for skinny tea codes (fidget spinners and waist trainers coming soon).

Sabotage’s Something’s Got To Give will be taking place this Saturday, August 5th at the Imperial Beach Sports Complex in Imperial Beach, CA at 7:00 pm. Tickets are available now.

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