Eric Rios vs Taylor Alfaro Added to Celtic Gladiator 13

In an already stacked Celtic Gladiator 13, the bantamweight matchup between Eric Rios and Taylor Alfaro is sure to spark fireworks in El Monte.

31-year-old Erick Rios trains out of Hawthorne’s Systems Training Centre and is coached by Ian Harris. He bases his game on Frankie Edgar and stated training in Karate, but strives to be as well rounded as ‘The Answer’. Eric will be aiming to earn his first professional victory after losing his previous two bouts to more experienced opposition.

Taylor Alfaro is 23 years old and has been training MMA since 2013 under Chad George. He is the amateur champion of the California Fight League. (CFL AMMY) Taylor also bases his game from Frankie Edgar, but he started training wrestling and Muay Thai. He has a balanced record of one win and one loss.

Celtic Gladiator 13 Los Angeles takes place on 14th July 2017 in El Monte, California, near Los Angeles.

Tickets can be bought on the Celtic Gladiator website.

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