EWF ring truck involved in accident, ring and equipment destroyed. (Updated)

Following the Empire Wrestling Federation‘s February 10th, 2017 event in Covina, CA, an unfortunate accident occurred when a fire broke out in the EWF ring truck destroying the trunk, the P.A. system, lighting equipment, and the EWF ring. Click for more information.


From Jesse Hernandez’ Facebook

EWF owner and promoter Jesse Hernandez went on Facebook on Saturday afternoon recounting the details of the truck fire on late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

Today is the hardest day of my life. At 3:00 am in the morning coming home from a sell out crowd and most incredible wrestling EWF event my ring truck burned as a fire started in the rear of the truck where not only did it burn my ring and all that was in the back such as PA system lighting equipment and everything else. Then later on at 9:00 AM I lost my long time friend of many years Chavo Guerrero Sr. The loss of Chavo hit harder then loosing my belongings in my ring truck. My most sincerest condolences to the Guerrero family. The concern over my truck situation shown by Jake Alexander, Mickey Moreno and Dylan Casiano and Brandon Gatson rushing to my aid within minutes along with my son, wife and grandson was heartwarming. One way or another we will rise to continue our path to give our fans the best we can to entertain them with the very best wrestling action. #weshalleovercome

EWF agent and staff member Jake Alexander provided further details on the accident in a statement to SoCalUncensored.com’s Steve Bryant where he talked about insurance matters regarding the accident and the creation of a GoFundMe campaign to help the company get back on its feet.

The company has insurance but it is most likely not going to cover half of what would be needed to get the company back up and running the same level. We have two rings so our shows are not in danger of cancellation. But we pride ourselves on the quality that we put out. A lot of people have been expressing interest in helping out financially via GoFundMe or something like that. Jesse is not a fan of those he is too proud to beg for money. That said I’m going to take it upon myself and do one.

Details on how people can contribute to the EWF’s GoFundMe campaign will be made available in the near future. SoCalUncensored.com will provide details when they’re made available to the public. The ring that was owned by the EWF has been rented out to various promotions in the area, and has been the main ring used at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla events for many years.

Stay tuned to SoCalUncensored.com for updates and new developments on this story.

*Update: It turn’s out their insurance is not going to cover any of the damages. A page has been setup at https://www.youcaring.com/jessehernandez-757742 for donations to help out Jesse Hernandez and the EWF.

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