Happy 2017 from Vendetta Pro Wrestling

2016 was an interesting year for Vendetta Pro Wrestling.

We had the invasion of an outside organization–consisting of Vendetta Pro originals–which threatened to destroy Vendetta Pro, yet in truth, actually helped propel both organizations.
We had the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship return to Las Vegas, as well as the NWA World Tag Team and–albeit in a non-title match–the NWA Women’s World Championship.

2016 saw a man–technically–win the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship twice in back-to-back events, as SoCal Crazy defeated Rik Luxury for the Interim title in January, and then end Little Cholo’s record title reign in February to become the Undisputed Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

We saw Rik Luxury lose the right to challenge for a Vendetta Pro Wrestling championship until April of this year, only to turn around and win a National Wrestling Alliance title in the form of the NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship.

We saw the beginnings of MidgetMania.

We bore witness to the ascention of The Apostle to the head of Vendetta Pro Wrestling as it’s Champion.

We witnessed Billy Blade and Sledge reconcile through battle, and the end of the Central Coast Civil War.

We witnessed two women make history, becoming the first to ever capture any version of the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship, only to turn around and take the titles to Japan and successfully defend them overseas, to return to the United States with the titles they took Internationally.

This sets the stage for what should be a most interesting 2017, which begins in no small fashion with the elevation of a title. When Vendetta Pro Wrestling joined the venerable National Wrestling Alliance in 2014, the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship was recognized as the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship, representing California and the surrounding states.
As that title has now gone to, and since returned from Japan, it has gained recognition well beyond the Western United States. As such, Vendetta Pro petitioned for elevation of the Western States Tag Team Championship.

In a Special Report issued by the National Wrestling Alliance, NWA Director of Operations and Senior Official James Beard had the following statement:

So with that, the NWA International Tag Team Championship will be at stake this coming week as Vendetta Pro Wrestling kicks off 2017 at “Radisson Square Garden” for Reflexion 2017 as the Champions Twisted Sisterz will defend against The Ballard Brothers.


In addition, starting early this year, Vendetta Pro Wrestling has a project in the works to bring you, the great fans of the Vendettaverse, more Vendetta Pro Wrestling action, both new events and potentially including classic events. 2017 looks to potentially be the most exciting year for Vendetta Pro Wrestling yet!

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