LWP – 15 October 2016 – Quick Results

Laberinto, Blood Eagle, & Donnie Suarez defeated Legacy, Eli Everfly, & Biagio Crescenzo in the main event of LWP’s October 15th show in Los Angeles. Click for complete results.

Lucha Wrestling Puroresu
October 15, 2016
Los Angeles, CA

Serpiente Azteca & Black Abyss over Durango Kid & Panterin

Pequeño Shamu over Classicus Shadow

Fern Owens & Robby Phoenix over Hoss Hogg & V-Pacalypse

Super Natural over Biggie Biggz and Golden Hawk

Atomico, Leon Blanco, & Dragon Fly over Pequeño Shamu, Black Dragon, & Black Puma

Laberinto, Blood Eagle, & Donnie Suarez over Legacy, Eli Everfly, & Biagio Crescenzo

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