[Recap] Chaos Column of the EWF show on July 23, 2016

7/23/16 EWF
Esther Snyder Community Center, Baldwin Park

The scorching summer heat may have kept some people away, and some others may have had other commitments–not necessarily FCW and/or the San Diego Comic Con.  This show still drew a relatively good crowd for a weekend lite show, with 2 giant fans, a water fountain, and people selling big snow cones, providing some relief from the heat.

1 – Power Ninja p. Red Thunder
Pretty lengthy, see-saw match ended with the Power Ninja rolling up Red Thunder, and grabbed a handful of tights, well out of the sight range of Referee Nick Lera.

2 – Super Beetle p. Archimedes
Another decent singles match.  Super Beetle managed to avoid an aerial assault by Archimedes, hitting a Backbreaker or Michinoku Driver for the pin.

3 – Jorel Nelson p. Tarasso
Jorel had to overcome getting his left arm and hand being picked apart through most of the match, hitting a right-hand haymaker that stunned Tarasso.  Jorel finished it with a Flying Headbutt or his version of a Diving Elbow Drop for the pin.

4 – Special tag team match filmed for reality TV.  Martin & Thomas Suppiger of Switzerland v. “The Mega King” King Thomas I (w/ Queen Ashley) & Anthony Idol (w/ The Wize One)
The Swiss guys made the most out of the training they were given at the School of Hard Knocks, as part of the “job swap” reality TV filming w/ Scorpio Sky & Uptown Andy Brown.  One of the Swiss guys soaked up a lot of damage from the big men, allowing the other one to make a hot tag.  That person looked fired up, before eating a low blow from Idol, resulting in a DQ.  All the other “EWF Villains” on the card came out to attack the Swiss men, before the “EWF Heroes” on the card made the intermission save.

SM – Adrian Quest scored a tapout submission win over Richie Slade
A very even match in which Adrian ended with a Superkick, then locked in what looked like a Crowbar Armbreaker for the tapout.

M – Battle Royal, with all the active wrestlers on the card, minus the Swiss guys.  A very good main event for a lite show, with the last 4 being:  Jorel Nelson, Adrian Quest, The Mega King, & Archimedes.  Jorel threw out Archimedes, then The Mega King threw out Adrian.  The Mega King then threw Jorel over the top rope, then floored him with the Mega Kick to the back of the head.  He seemed to be really exhausted after the show, although it’s unsure of whether it’s from doing the 2 matches, or that and the sweltering heat.  Either way, it took him a few minutes to recover, then return to the back.

[Editor’s note] Tommy Wilson suffered a dislocated jaw during the match.

Overall, a very decent lite show.  It’s unsure of whether the Suppiger guys will do some real pro wrestling when they return to Switzerland, or if they’ll exclusively stick to their style of wrestling.  What is known is that they did a very good job holding their own against 2 formidable “EWF Villains”.  Adrian Quest continues to show improvement, and that should help him build some confidence, going into the next Covina show, where he takes on Rocky Romero.


1 – Adrian Quest/Richie Slade
2 – Suppiger duo/Mega King & Idol
3 – Jorel Nelson/Tarasso

Photos:  https://www.facebook.com/SimplicioPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=527463474112479

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