Card for UIPW vs. UEW inter-promotional event on July 9th in East Los Angeles, CA

UIPW and UEW will be co-promoting an event at the Underground Auditorium (a.k.a. the UEW Arena) in East Los Angeles, CA on July 9th, with several inter-promotional matches scheduled to take place.

The main event will also feature CMLL’s Rush teaming with Teddy Hart to face Steve Pain and Judas Draven. At UIPW’s May 28th, 2016 event in Montebello, CA, Steve Pain defeated Teddy Hart and Brian Cage in a Triple Threat match with the help of Judas Draven. After the match, CMLL’s Rush got involved in a post match angle with Pain and Draven, challenging them to face he and Teddy Hart in a match that is now set to take place on July 9th.

In addition to the main event, there will be five inter-promotional matches with competitors representing UEW and UIPW.

In an 8 Man Tag Team Match, Team UIPW will be represented by Decnnis, Aero Boy, Enigma and Ricky Reyes to take on Team UEW’s Andre Verdun, BC Killer, Fern Owens and Carnage.

In a 6 Woman Tag Team Match, Thunder Rosa, La Goloza, and Lady Lee representing Team UIPW will take on Sage Sin Supreme, Ashley Grace, and Marriah Moreno representing Team UEW.

In a UEW Underground Internet Television Championship match, Team UEW’s Human Tornado will defend his championship against Team UIPW’s Bobby Venom.

In singles action, Team UIPW’s “Rocketboy” D’Marco Wilson will take on Team UEW’s Max X, and in a tag team match, Nightmare Azteca and Super Natural, representing Team UIPW take on Team UEW’s Crescenzo and “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy.

Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for kids. The Underground Auditorium is located at 926 Clela Ave, East Los Angeles, CA, 90022. For more information on this event, visit the UIPW vs. UEW Facebook event page, check out the SCU events page for more details, and stay tuned to for more updates on this event.

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