[Recap] Chaos Column of the EWF Show on June 3rd 2016

6/3/16 EWF at the “EWF Arena” (KoC Hall of Covina)

It may not have drawn the huge, capacity crowd that came to last month’s 20th anniversary show, but there turnout was still large.  Steve gave the quick results after the show from one side of the ring, so this recap is my personal, detailed observation from the another side of the ring.

1 – Douglas James v. Adrian Quest

A very strong opener, with plenty of back-and-forth action.  Adrian was able to hit a move on Douglas to set up the 630 Senton for the pin.

2 – Grudge Match from last month’s Great Goliath Rumble.  Raunchy Rico Dynamite of H.A.T.E. (w/ Damien Arsenick) v. Ty Ray

Rico’s ring awareness and years of experience, plus Damien at ringside, proved to be the big factor here.  Rico’s pinning cover had his feet on the bottom ropes, with Damien holding him down.  Both underhanded moves were not caught by Referee Nick Lera.

3 – Midnight Delight (Billy Blade & Richie Slade) v. P.B.R. (Ryan Walker & Hunter Freeman)

Good back-and-forth action with Billy pinning Ryan Walker with a team finisher.  For Ryan, eating Billy’s Unskinny Chop didn’t help matters either.  M.D. is definitely trying to get some confidence back after the big setback at the last Vendetta Pro show, in that promotion’s continuing feud with Cen Cal Pro.

4 – No-DQ match.  Archimedes v. Espiritu.

Only a few chairs & a piece from a broken crutch was used in the match, but didn’t stop the masked wrestlers from unloading on each other.  Espiritu dodged an aerial move from Archimedes, then hit a Swanton Bomb for the pin.

SM – Scorpio Sky v. B-Boy

More great back-and-forth action, even if neither So Cal legend could get a big pop from the normal EWF Covina crowd, who were clearly behind “The New Age Punisher”.  It’s not often that Scorpio gets the pin off his Running Bicycle Knee Strike, but that was the case here.

M – Heavyweight title match.  Andy Brown v. Gary Yap’s Man In Black

This is where the crowd really came alive.  Both wrestlers brawled outside the ring for about 5 minutes, before they even got into the ring for Referee Justin Borden to get the match officially underway.  At first, it looked like the Man in Black got the title back after hitting Andy Brown’s own Package Piledriver finisher for the pin, after some interference from Gary Yap.  But then Justin saw the heavyweight title belt on the mat, right where the MiB had hit the move, and ordered the match to be restarted.  Gary Yap tried to interfere again, only to be dragged into the ring by Andy Brown, and ate the Package Piledriver.  Andy then hit the same move on the MiB for the pin, and a successful title defense.

Overall, a strong EWF Covina card.  I don’t think the feud between Andy Brown & the MiB is over just yet.  Ty Ray may not have gotten the win, but he didn’t lose his footwear & other related gear this time around.


1 – Andy Brown v. Gary Yap’s Man In Black
2 – Douglas James v. Adrian Quest
3 – Scorpio Sky v. B-Boy

Photos:  https://www.facebook.com/SimplicioPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=510208512504642

Next wrestling show:  FCW “Slamapalooza” on 6/18.