Baja Stars USA May 14, 2016 – review

I headed to Baja Stars USA for their May 14th show, and despite the lineup not being as good as some of their recent shows, managed to have a pretty good time. For those who don’t know, Baja Stars USA is a lucha libre promotion that runs in San Diego that does traditional lucha libre. All matches are best two out of three falls and everything is in Spanish. Ticket prices are very affordable at $10.00 for general admission and they draw a lot of families and kids.

Originally the main event was scheduled to be Teddy Hart and Engima versus Bestia 666 and Steve Pain, but when I got to the venue I learned Steve Pain would not be there and Damian 666 would. I can’t help but think for the area if they would have had Damian 666 listed from the start it probably would have helped the draw, though the match quality was likely to suffer somewhat with the change as Steve Pain has been very good.

The attendance seemed to be down from the last couple shows, most likely due to UFC 198 going on at the same time, a stacked FMLL show locally the night before, and the card not having quite the star power of the last few shows.

Kid Tornado & Felino Salvaje over Scorpio 2000 & Veinom 2 out of 3 falls [28’40]

All four of the guys in this match have been very impressive and get better every time I see them. Everyone was acting like a technico except Scorpio 2000, as evidenced by his refusal to shake anyones hands. The match started with a lot of mat work, with everyone taking turns exchanging moves. I thought it was really good, but an odd choice to start so slowly to try and get the crowd into the match. The match slowly built and everyone started to take more and more risks and tried more high flying high reward moves. The first fall wasn’t until 12 minutes and 30 seconds when Felino and Tornado won the fall. Unfortunately for the second fall they slowed it back down and went back to a lot of mat work and didn’t build on the first fall. The second fall was nearly identical to the first, and Scorpio and Veinom got the pin at 23 minutes and 22 seconds. The third fall was very fast paced and started to get the crowd back into it. Felino and Tornado got the pin at 28 minutes and 40 seconds. The match started and ended well, but the middle really dragged and they could have stood to cut at least 10 minutes off.

After the match Veinom was upset with the other team and a challenge may have been issued, but I didn’t quite understand everything.

Lady Lee & Sage Sin Supreme over Cristal & Amazona 2 out of 3 falls [17’09]

A couple months ago Lady Lee and Sage Sin Supreme had a singles match that is hard to consider anything but terrible so I didn’t have high expectations for this match. Thankfully my fears were unfounded for the most part. Sage Sin Supreme looked pretty impressive throughout the match, especially when she was in with Amazona, but she and Cristal matched up well too. Lady Lee wasn’t that impressive for the most part though and was very slow moving and sloppy at times. Post match Sage Sin’s pumpkin was damaged which caused her to go crazy and beat Amazona with a sign. Someone in the crowd had been heckling Lady Lee pretty much the whole match, and eventually Lady Lee went into the crowd and challenged them and their whole group to a fight. No fight was to be had though. Lady Lee turned on Sage Sin and attacked her post match as well.

Seiya & Nightmare Azteca over Estudiente Jr. & Principe Negro Jr. 2 out of 3 falls [18’42]

This was an OK match. Seiya is really good and Nightmare Azteca is pretty good as well. Estudiente Jr. and Principe Negro seemed fine as well. There wasn’t a whole lot that stood out good or bad aside from how good Seiya looked. He is one of the best local lucha guys and I could see him making a name for himself if he had an opportunity on a bigger stage.

Zarco & TJ Boy over Black Danger & Genio de Aire 2 out of 3 falls [20’14]

This was the match of the night. This was my first time seeing Genio de Aire, but I was really impressed and wouldn’t mind seeing more of him. He did some really impressive high flying and got a ton of air on a moonsault to the outside. There was a lot of crowd brawling and chair use in the match. Genio de Aire bladed as well. There was one point when TJ Boy sat Genio in a chair on the floor then superkicked him. Because the floors are just a gym floor with no padding, the chair slid across the floor about 10 feet before collapsing. Anyway, this was a really good match, and while Genio de Aire was the star of the match (night), all four luchadors really did a great job.

Enigma & Teddy Hart over Bestia 666 & Damian 666 2 out of 3 falls [13’15]

This was a pretty good match as well though a bit short, especially considering it was the main event. Teddy Hart came to the ring with a cat and a bodyguard. At the start of the match he says to someone in the crowd that he has a bodyguard because of “drug cartels.” Enigma looked really good in the match as did Bestia 666 and were the stars of the match. Teddy Hart and Damian 666 looked fine. In fact it’s hard to believe Damian 666 has been wrestling since 1985. I couldn’t help thinking how much better the match would have been with Steve Pain in it though. Overall it was a pretty good match, with only the semi being better.

Overall it was another good show from Baja Stars USA. Not as good as some of their more recent shows, but still really fun. I really recommend checking them out if you are a fan of lucha libre as the constantly have some of the best lineups in Southern California among lucha promotions.

Baja Stars USA will have matches at the San Diego Taco Fest on May 21st. They have not announced the date of their next full show. Keep checking the SoCal UNCENSORED events page for updates.

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