[Results] Knokx Pro on March 26th 2016

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The Domain
March 26th 2016
Sun Valley, Ca

Show started with Snypes and Jezette Marie vs Harley Kiss and Prince Shergill. That match saw Harley Kiss rolling up Jezette Marie and getting the win.

Pedro came out interrupting her and that turned into a match with Pedro putting his ECC Title on the line against Danielle. Pedro won retaining his title using a swanton bomb/senton (Don’t know what he calls it) off the top rope.

Devious Bear came out with the Supermodel at ringside and faced Cowboy Stu with Tuna at ringside. Match went back and forth with both wrestlers ringside taking shots behind the ref’s back and ended with Devious Bear delivering a chokeslam to Cowboy Stu for the win.
Then PBA came out with Bob Oso at ringside and faced Jacob Fatu which was a very physical and intense match with PBA getting the win.
50/50 raffle…

TMD came out and faced Freek Show with Kraken Zer0 at ringside. TMD wins with a frog splash and Jezette Marie and Snypes come out to attack Freek Show, then Eyez In Disguise came out and delivered a tombstone piledriver to TMD.

For the Main Event,
Black Pearl and El Presidente with Victoria at ringside vs VIP and Rikishi. While VIP was attacking El Presidente in the corner with the referee trying to break them up Black Pearl comes up from behind and pulls VIP’s leg up to low blow the referee to get the win by disqualification. With VIP taken out, Black Pearl and El Presidente attack Rikishi. Security rushes the ring to break them up, but get taken out. Then Jacob Fatu rushes the ring to help Rikishi and puts space between Black Pearl and Rikishi only to join Black Pearl in a double super kick to Rikishi. Then Presidente, Jacob, and Pearl attack Rikishi with members of Team Rikishi rushing the ring shortly after to clear the ring. Show ends with Team Black Pearl standing tall.

For photos of this event:https://www.facebook.com/BrewAgePhotography

Credit: Brew Age Photography