Real Talk 4: Ring Ring, Bananaphone! (Updated)

Fuck Jim Cornette. There’s a bunch of shows taking place this weekend, both pro wrestling and MMA. Oh yeah, SCU has MMA coverage now. Eli Everfly is fucking insane. Other stuff. Youtube links as usual. Interview updates. And whatever else.

Jim Cornette needs to get the fuck over his hate for Joey Ryan

Someone told me about the irrelevant redneck Jim Cornette’s recent rant on a recent podcast where he trashes Joey Ryan. He doesn’t mention Joey by name, but you know exactly who he’s talking about. Jim doesn’t go into details about Joey’s proposal to his girlfriend Laura James during a match at a recent Finest City Wrestling show, but he vaguely alludes to it in a way that makes it obvious that he’s talking about the clip nearly everyone, even NON-WRESTLING FANS, has seen. Yeah, don’t want Jim Cornette giving Joey Ryan any more exposure to his audience of hundreds of mouth breathers, even though Joey’s video has about 1 million views on Youtube and has been played on the news all over the world.

Now, I agree with James E. Banana Lover that Joey’s schtick isn’t really funny. To be honest, I’m really not a fan of dick humor and think the whole “Dick Move” shit is dumb. At the same time, other people love it, and Joey got an endorsement deal out of it. However, he’s really got to give up on this whole “EXPOZIN DA BIZ” bullshit he’s always preaching about. When I heard him talking about how Joey is doing all this shit that is killing the wrestling business because it doesn’t look real, I legitimately laughed my ass off because as someone who has been doing training for real fighting in my time away from SCU, everything in wrestling looks fake. Cornette talks about what “DA BIZ” was originally supposed to be about and how everyone is killing it when people know what they’re getting is a form theatrical entertainment. We live in a society where boxing and now MMA are seen as legitimate sports, and pro wrestling is seen as lowbrow entertainment. Jim doesn’t understand that shit though.

Let’s be real here, Jim is obviously not concerned about the sanctity of “DA BIZ” or anything, he’s just pissed that guys like Joey are getting over and becoming relevant in “DA BIZ” while he’s having to go on the internet and bitch about talented wrestlers like Kevin Steen/Owens or The Young Bucks just so people don’t forget about him. He trashes Lucha Underground because he’s too much of a stupid redneck to understand the concept of the show. If anything, Jim should stick watching 80’s wrestling and talking about that instead of commenting on an industry he’s out of touch with and trying to live off his past.


SCU doing MMA coverage now

So I’ve recently posted some recaps for WSOF 28’s main card and Invicta FC 15 on UFC Fight Pass. Last week, the UFC held a press conference with Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor to promote their upcoming fight at UFC 196 taking place on Saturday night. This weekend, Southern California will play host to some MMA events on Friday and Saturday nights.

On Friday night, Lights Out Promotions, in association with Bash Boxing, presents California Xtreme Fighting on Friday, March 4th at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. WEC veteran Karen Darabedyan (MMA Record: 10-5) taking on Pablo Sabori (MMA Record: 6-2) in the main event in a Lightweight bought. For more information on this event, visit

On Saturday night, March 5th, the same night as UFC 196 in Las Vegas, King Of The Cage will be holding Night Of Champions at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, and that event will be airing live on MAVTV featuring 4 title matches. For more information on the event, check out King Of The Cage’s website for ticket information and details.


This weekend’s events: PWG All Star Weekend 12, OWA in San Diego, Pro Wrestling Bushido in East LA

Old news by now, but Tommy End had to pull out of this upcoming weekend’s PWG’s All Star Weekend 12. Kyle O’Reilly will now face Marty Scurll, and Chris Hero will face Evil Uno on Night 1. JT Dunn will make his PWG debut as he teams with Chris Hero to take on Matt Sydal and Ricochet on Night 2. Tickets for the shows are sold out, but you can probably find some scalpers online somewhere.

Also this weekend, OWA will be holding an event in San Diego on Saturday. PPRay (Ray Rosas & Peter Avalon) will take on Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) on the show. Hopefully someone films that match and posts it online. On Sunday there’s random Lucha in Oxnard. Also on Sunday, NorCal’s Pro Wrestling Bushido will also be running on Sunday at the UEW Arena. For more information on these events, check out the SCU’s events page for more information.

Interview updates: B-Boy, Ray Rosas

This weekend I’ll be doing an interview with B-Boy, and will be confirming a date this week with Ray Rosas. Stay tuned to SCU for those interviews.

Update: Ray Rosas has confirmed the interview is on, and will be done this week. Expect more info later on in the next week.

Eli Everfly has a deathwish

Recently I’ve been impressed by Eli Everfly’s work. He seems to have a lot of talent and potential to become a success in wrestling. Not only that, but he seems like he’s willing to do some crazy ass shit. For example, here’s a video of Eli doing a crazy dive from a lighting rig at an IWL show:

And here’s Eli doing a crazy moonsault off a basketball hoop at FCW’s previous event. You know, the one where Joey Ryan proposed to his girlfriend.

Someone get that kid some more high-profile bookings!

Shit Not Worth Writing Paragraphs About

  • The company with the owner who threatened me on Facebook, Pacific Coast Wrestling, announced some matches for their next event on March 26th in Torrance. In a rematch from the debut show, Timothy Thatcher takes on Joe Graves, Jeff Cobb takes on JR Kratos, Willie Mack faces Kevin Martenson, and more to be announced.
  • Read my review of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 249 for a long rant about how shitty Dave Marquez is for allowing casual racism towards Latinos to thrive on his show while no other ethnic groups are fucked with. Sure, they have a shitty fake-Russian as their champion now (how sad is that?) but the shit Dave does for heat is just pathetic.
  • UEW recently uploaded video of a recent angle with Ray Rosas, Tito Escondido, Rico Dynamite, and Che Cabrera.

Random Match Of The Week

This week’s Random Match Of the Week comes from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Yes, now that SCU is covering MMA, I’m going to write about it in my articles and will post cool local shit from time-to-time when I can’t find any wrestling stuff worth posting on here. This week, watch Jemyma Betrian take on Chandra Engel from 2015 at a Lights Out Promotions event in Studio City.

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