Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “Bowie” – Review

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Please go easy on me. Take it slow. This is my first time. I have never submitted a review before. I went to PWG’s “Bowie” and returned a changed woman. Let me start by saying I wasn’t a huge fan of wrestling until recently and PWG is the only shows I have ever been to live. This was my fourth PWG show. That being said I can say without a doubt that THIS WAS THE GREATEST SHOW IN WRESTLING HISTORY. If you argue with me on this I will make fun of your mom… to your face!

I love the atmosphere at the shows and wouldn’t change a thing. It is so fun to be there live. My only complaint is I’m not that big and take up very little room but my personal space continues to shrink throughout the night. It’s worse than flying on Delta. I don’t want PWG to change. I just want everyone to be considerate. And wear deodorant. Please for the love of god put on deodorant before going to PWG.

Before the show I got to meet Becky Lynch who was really nice and really awesome.

The show started out with Excalibur coming out to “Starman” in tribute to David Bowie. He then thanked Daniel Bryan for his time in PWG which got “yes” chants followed by “Thank you Dragon.”

Chuck Taylor versus Dalton Castle was first. OH MY GOD. Dalton Castle quickly became my favorite wrestler ever. And that is before the match. He is the mother fucking party peacock. He came out in a full vinyl suit with two other dudes like they just stepped out of Mardi Gras and stepped into my heart. For a show called “Bowie” this was perfect. This was beyond perfect. He had one of valets get on all fours so he could use him to step through the ropes. I like Chuck Taylor. I think Chuck Taylor is hot. Dalton Castle won over my heart and mind.

This was a really good match. It was some kind of amazing. I apologize I can’t name all the moves and give you a blow for blow account. Actually I’m not sorry. Dalton has to be seen to be believed. The match itself was OK. It seemed to drag on longer than it should have but eventually Chuck Taylor won with a rollup. I think Dalton’s entrance was better than the match itself but that is not to take anything from the match. The entrance was just that epic.

Chris Hero and Trent? Came out next and tore the fucking house down. Chris Hero just beat up poor Trent? In the most entertaining way possible. The match started kinda slow but just kept getting better and better and better. I have no idea how Trent? is still alive. Chris Hero won the match, but Trent? won us over. A much deserved “Holy Trent” chant from the crowd. This was my favorite match of the night.

Jack Evans and Sami Callihan then thrilled us all with a drinking contest that turned into a wrestling match. This match was just incredibly fun. Jack Evans went on one of his rants and Sami made a threat to kiss him on the mouth which lead to some “kiss machine” chants. They had a kiss off. Then they had a drink off. Then two shirtless men wrestled. I swear this not part of an erotic Doctor Who fanfic I’m writing with the Tenth and Eleventh doctors. These guys even sat in chairs in the middle of the ring to drink beer. They drank beer from the crowd. Jack Evans threw up. As a wrestling match this wasn’t that great but it was pure entertainment. Jack Evans won the match and hopefully had a designated driver after the show.

Adam Cole beat Andrew Everett in a solid but unspectacular match. The match is probably better than what I’m giving it credit for but how do you follow the destruction of Trent? and the drunken brawl the came before it?

At intermission the line for Dalton Castle was longer than the beer line! Before tonight I owned exactly zero wrestling shirts. Now I own exactly one Dalton Castle wrestling shirt.

Trevor Lee and Zack Sabre met up next. Trevor came out to “Born in the USA” because he is the American. Sabre came out to Bowie’s “Suffragette City” because he is the Brit. Trevor Lee was acting like such an asshole in the match. For some reason some people started to try and chant “USA” but it was met with others chanting “Shut the Fuck Up”. This match was really good. Sabre has been fantastic every time I’ve seen him and I can’t even describe his moves. He is some sort of wrestling magician that just seems to pull submissions out of his hat. His submission hat. I can’t even begin to describe how Sabre won. Someone by me called it some sort of octopus hold. This was the second best match on the show.

Evil Uno and “Speedball” Mike Bailey had a scary match. I mean I wasn’t even sure they weren’t really fighting at times. I don’t know is Uno really wanted to kill “Speedball” but it seemed like it. There was a slam to the outside spot that I really cringed after. The match was super intense and Evil Uno is scary but overall it was great. Mike Bailey eventually kicks Uno in the head and gets the win. Third best match on the night.

Roderick Strong came out to the ring for his match with Drew Galloway with all of the PWG titles. Roderick sent the ref to the back and wanted the ref that everyone seems to hate.

Side note: the whole yelling stuff at this referee has gotten pretty old and stale at this point. The people who do it have to realize they aren’t funny. The crowd is awesome 99% of the time but this ref hatred is past its shelf life. Also, please wear deodorant to the shows. Seriously can’t stress this enough.

The match itself was really good but I don’t think it was great. I don’t think anyone really thought there was a chance Drew was going to win and it hurt the crowd a little bit. Roderick Strong won in what I will say was the fourth best show of the night.

After the match Adam Cole came out and helped beat down Galloway. Zack Sabre then came out for the save and setup a match with strong for the next show. At least Strong challenged Sabre to the match.

This was another fantastic night of PWG. I loved every minute of it (except the people who choose not to wear deodorant, did I mention that?) and can’t wait till the next show. Hopefully PWG brings back Dalton Castle for every show ever from here on out.

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