Real Talk 1: Pilot Episode

Welcome to the first edition of Real Talk, written by myself in a shameless effort to bring content to SCU’s front page. This article is sorta gonna be like Jay Cal’s View, but more vulgar and less tactful, which is what some people love. On this first edition I’m gonna talk about a podcast featuring SoCal talents and the stinging truths behind what they talked about. Also, I talk about an idea I had, and will talk a bit about an upcoming interview with B-Boy. Also, other bits that aren’t really worth writing a paragraph about.

Rico Dynamite, Tito Escondido, Che Cabrera and Damien Arsenic spit lots of truths on “The Wrestling Guy Podcast”

Back in November, I wrote a two part article about making Southern California’s wrestling scene great again. There were a lot of different reactions to what I wrote, but it got a dialogue going. As time went by, I started to delve into the depths of Southern California’s diverse scene. From the well known promotions such as PWG, AWS, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, SoCal Pro, EWF, Santino Bros, & Lucha Underground, to the lesser known ones like UEW & IWL. In 2015, SoCal wrestling seemed strong enough to rebuild the scene to what it was. The rise of Lucha Underground, PWG’s continued success, events like Stardom USA, and more promotions showcasing their products in a new wrestling landscape made things seem promising for SoCal. Now, after delving deeper into things, I still believe that there is a shitload of potential to make SoCal the wrestling hotbed it should’ve been years ago. At the same time, there’s still a lot of bullshit that plagues the scene that’s keeping it as well as others around here down. If you’ve read my past articles in recent months here, you’d see that I’ve been very vocal about those problems I see and the people giving the scene a bad look.

On this podcast, Rico Dynamite, Tito Escondido, Che Cabrera and Damien Arsenic echo a lot of the shit that’s been said not just by myself, but other people in SoCal. They sound off (without naming any names) on workers and promoters doing things that hinder SoCal’s scene while providing some laughs along the way. But even with the jokes, a lot of the things that are said here are very insightful. There are some painful truths, but it was great to hear guys not holding back. They don’t shy away from admitting that there’s a lack in quality shows in SoCal now even though there’s enough talent in the area to put on good events. On the subject of hard work, they make in known that there are wrestlers in the scene who aren’t putting in their time in the gym or in training to better themselves as performers. Of course, they don’t really name names, but for most of the podcast, they speak out on the state of SoCal wrestling, and the message is simple and clear: people need to put in the work but simply just aren’t. Also in this podcast you hear about the amount of time and training they put in, and the frustration of being an independent wrestler in Southern California. To me, they represent the types of wrestlers who are being marginalized and neglected by promoters who are only willing to push their friends who don’t put in their time to be better wrestlers as stars on certain shows, as well as guys who are losing out because of undeserving guys getting spots on shows. In the end, it was refreshing to hear guys who work hard talking about not taking things to heart and being able to relax without coming off as phonies. I highly recommend giving this a listen.

To listen to the entire podcast, check out the link below. They also talk about an angle that happened at a UEW show that I’ll talk about later in this column.

Upcoming interview with B-Boy

Recently I was able to confirm an upcoming interview with B-Boy that will go over his career in SoCal and abroad. Right now we’re planning for this to be a video interview as well. When I was talking to B-Boy about the interview, we talked about how there are certain things upcoming wrestlers should listen to so they can understand how hard the grind is and the sacrifices that have to be made in order to be successful. We’re currently seeking fan questions for the interview, so if you have any feel free to Tweet @socaluncensored, hit up Facebook/SoCalUncensored, or submit your questions on the SCU message board here.

An idea I had

I want to take this portion of my article to be a little more serious than I usually am. Recently, Steve Bryant announced the nominees for the 2016 class of the SoCal Wrestling Hall Of Fame and talked about and talked about wanting to find a host for a ceremony to honor new and previous inductees. After this, I pitched an idea to several people about doing something that ties his idea in with something that would benefit not just the Southern California wrestling scene, but to also help one of our own. The people I talked to about this idea really liked it, but as of now  (at least that I know of) nothing has moved forward yet. If something does happen, I could only hope that it would unite Southern California’s wrestling community and be the spark this area needs to get things more exciting and to get more eyes on the area. I know I’m gonna try to do my best to make something happen.

Shit Not Worth Writing Paragraphs About

Now is the portion of the article where I sound off on random tidbits and things not worth writing too much about.

  • So IWL ran a show on Saturday. I’m sure people are anticipating my review of the show, and I promise that if it gets uploaded I will review like usual. I don’t know what happened on the show, nor do I really care, but I saw some photos and the ring canvas looked disgusting. It was as if all the dirt from the floor wound up in the ring. I hope none of the wrestlers on this show caught ringworm or some shit.
  • I recently wrote a review of UEW’s Sovereign Of Slaughter deathmatch tournament. Go read it fuckers.
  • Speaking of UEW, as I mentioned earlier, there was some angle with some guys and their guys. It feels like an angle. But yeah, the video was pretty funny.
  • Ray Rosas has a podcast. I listened to it and it’s aight. He mostly just goes over stuff in SoCal and sometimes tells a story. Not really juicy, but hopefully Ray can spice it up a bit in his effort to help build the SoCal wrestling scene. Check it out if you want to know what’s coming up in the scene. He should try to get guests on his shit.
  • Can someone get Billy Gram to post on the SCU message board to call out Marvin? I really feel like that’s the feud SoCal needs right now.

Random Match Of The Week

I’m gonna close out my articles every week with a match from random SoCal promotions. I plan on featuring various matches, from various promotions, and from different time periods here in SoCal. The first match is from an AWS show as B-Boy & Lil’ Cholo defend the AWS Tag Team Titles against Los Luchas. Enjoy it.

That’s gonna do it for this edition of Real Talk. Any and all complaints, hate mail, and death threats can be directed towards Jay Cal.

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