[Results] Knokx Pro “Jingle Bell Knokx” on December 12th 2015

Knokx ProKnokx Pro 12-12-15 flyer
Jingle Bell Knokx
December 12th 2015
Sun Valley, Ca

Otto Von Clutch (w/Tuna) def El Presidente by pinfall.

Tito PBA def “VIP” Vincenzo Iosefa Parisi (w/Bennett) by rear naked chokehold submission. This was Tito’s debut at Knokx Pro.

Triple Threat Match:
“Samoan werewolf” Jacob Fatu def Syko Stu & TMD by pinfall on TMD

Tag team match:
De La Soul and “The Count of California” Black Pearl def Dagger and Synpes as Black Pearl pinned Dagger

Fatal 4 Way elimination for the “ECC” European Crusierweight championship:
“The Slick Back Heart Attack” Pedro def Harley Kiss, Freekshow (w/Cracken Zero) & Jezette Marie to successfully retain the championship.

Order of Elimination:
Jezette eliminates Harley Kiss.
Pedro eliminates Freekshow.
Pedro by small package roll up pin of Jezette Marie.

Battle of the Giants:
Devious Bear def Primal by pinfall

Main Event-Urban Championship:
Eyez in Disguize def Mavervick (w/Harley Kiss) with a Chokeslam to successfully retain the championship

Credit: Lupe Contreras