Jerry Jarrett looking to feature local promotions


Jerry Jarrett needs YOU! He’s scouting locations for a new show in development and would like all those interested to submit photos of the locations/buildings/arenas/etc. of your local independent promotions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big arena–it can be a school gym, an old warehouse or even a barn–because he’s interested in the reality of Indy wrestling.

The show will be a reality based wrestling talent search. The first 6 episodes will be held at independent promotions at various locations across the country. YOURS COULD BE ONE OF THEM! Take some photos of the inside and the outside of your facility and send them to Jerry’s email: It’s okay to use your phone to take the pictures. Please include the address and any other information you think he may need including contact info.

Please send photos of your venues ONLY. If you’d like to be a contestant, please DO NOT send promo photos or videos at this time. Video submissions will come later. Also, please don’t send your fan mail to this address. Thanks!

From Memphis Wrestling News via Facebook