[Results] Unity Pro Wrestling “Suburban Showdown” on November 7th 2015

Unity Pro WrestlingUPW 11-7-15 flyer
Suburban Showdown
Oak Street Gym
November 7th 2015
Torrance, Ca

“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo defeated “the Game Changer” Greg Hernandez via pin fall. Hernandez and Crescenzo had a back and forth fast paced match that in the end saw Crescenzo steal the victory from Hernandez just when he seemed to have the upper hand.

Hector “El Chido” Canales defeated a UPW Security Guard in his REAL MAN Challenge via pin fall. After a brief altercation with Biagio Crescenzo, Canales called out the Security guard that came to the aid of the victim of the first REAL MAN challenge, Clutch the UPW Sound Engineer. At first it appeared as though this security guard was not going to answer the call but to Canales surprise he did. “Security” put up quit a fight but in the end Canales was victorious.

“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme defeated Kitana Vera via pin fall. The crowd turned quickly on Kitana when she seemed reluctant to step stay in the ring with “the Pumkin Queen”. Once the action finally made its way into the ring, we saw a hard fought battle between both competitors that ended when Sage surprised Kitana with a special “treat” that stunned her and allowed Sage to get a hard fought victory.

SoCal Crazy and “Mr. Megastar” Tommy Wilson wrestled to a time limit draw. SoCal Crazy got the upper hand early and it appeared as though Wilson had decided to take the easy way out and get counted out. Once Wilson decided to get back in the ring we saw a hard hitting battle between two wily veterans. Later in the match Wilson left the ring but this time Crazy took chase and beat on Wilson through the bleachers and back into the ring. As time was ticking down Crazy reversed at attempted sidewalk slam into a crippler cross face, but Wilson was able to hold on until the time ran out.

The Rebel Renegades (Joe Gamble and Ju Dizz) defeated the Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon) via pinfall. The Ballard Brothers came out touting their Canadian roots much to the crowd’s displeasure. Shannon Ballard decided to sing the Canadian National Anthem but was quickly interrupted by the Rebel Renegades who hit the ring and chased the Ballards from the ring. The Renegades took control early but eventually the Ballards used their underhanded tactics to take control of the match. At the end we saw the Renegades take advantage of the cocky Ballards and get the win after some stellar team work.

Main Event-Fatal 4 way to crown the NEW Unity Pro Heavyweight Champion:Hector Canales New UPW champion 11-7-15
Due to contractual obligations the “the Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel was unable to compete in the Main Event for the Unity Pro SoCal Championship. So, Commissioner Jon Allen and the Unity Pro booking committee made the decision to replace him with Hector “El Chido” Canales. Sunami and Vintage Dragon, though competing against each other, showed great team work in their attempt to eliminate the Cryptkeeper. Both men gave it their all as they took turns in the ring using their speed and agility to take out the mighty Cryptkeeper. Canales in the mean time did his best to avoid being tagged into the match. When Canales was finally tagged into the match he attempted to befriend the Cryptkeeper with series of hugs. The big man didn’t respond well to this and began to have his way with Canales. This prompted Canales to quickly tag out of the match to Vintage Dragon. Vintage Dragon and Sunami appeared to finally begin to wear the big man down eventually knocking him to the outside of the ring.

In a show of frustration with the way things were going Dr. Diskord unleashed the Cryptkeeper with a steel chair. The Cryptkeeper quickly turned his attention to Sunami and hit him with a stiff shot with the chair forcing Jon Allen to disqualify the big man . The Cryptkeeper continued his assault with the steel chair on Vintage Dragon and then once again turned his attention to Sunami with another stiff shot to the head. The Unity Pro officials hit the ring and did their best to force the Cryptkeeper and Dr. Diskord to the back. In the mean time Canales took the opportunity to pin Sunami and make him the second man eliminated from the match. Canales quickly turned his attention to Vintage Dragon but was surprised when Dragon kicked out at the last second on not one but two attempted pins. Dragon was able to get back in the match and began to frustrate Canales after several near falls. As Dragon continued his assault on Canales he knocked him out of the ring, scaled to the top rope and attempted to launch himself at his fallen opponent but was blocked by the special guest referee.

While on the outside the frustrated Canales threw a chair into the ring nearly hitting Dragon. Dragon grabbed the chair with the intent to use it as a weapon. Jon Allen pulled the chair from Dragon and turned his back to throw the chair out of the ring. This gave Canales the opportunity to use a chair of his own on the now distracted Vintage Dragon to steal the pinfall victory and become the first Unity Pro SoCal Champion.

Results & Photo Credit: Unity Pro Wrestling