“Get it together or get out of the way!” — Ray Rosas

“Make yourself better and make the business better or make the business better by getting yourself out of the business.”

Ray RosasWrestling is a harsh mistress. We give it all and she takes everything. Some days we love it but most days we hate it. Ultimately we’re left with two choices: Keep going or just quit. Now I have been teetering for about a year. Until recently, I had my mind made up to hang it up, focus on my family and just move on with my life. But I can’t. Why should I give up when others that should keep going? Why should I quit my dream? I’ve worked way too hard for this.

For years, Yuliana has been my rock, my confidant and my best friend. She has been so supportive of me and my wrestling that I know I wouldn’t be where I am without her. She has listened to my hours upon hours of me complaining about wrestling that we both end up with headaches. But last night she reminded me of a something I had posted 5 years ago.

Up until that point, I had completely forgot about it but after finding it and reading it again, I felt reinvigorated. It’ll all came back to me, I remember exactly where I was when I said it. I’m actually a bit baffled that I was that aware only being a year in the business at that point.

I love the wrestling business and although sometimes I may not take it seriously, I have respect for this business. I have respect for the ones that came before me and paved the way and the guys who worked hard and sacrificed to get where they are, guys that did the right way.

This isn’t a vague post directed towards anyone or anything specific. It’s for all of us. We are one huge fraternity better yet we are family. Brothers and sisters in arms. We are the ones holding the keys. We are the ones responsible for the direction of wrestling. This is ground floor, the lab, the test site and the flashpoint. This is where it ends and begins again. We only have two choices, so let’s do it. Together.

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  1. Mark Rodriquez | 11/06/2015 at 6:01 PM |

    I watched you wrestle in escondido. My cousin Eric cross is awesome. But I will tell u something my 10yr old still remembers u and tells remember that guy that looked like Jesus I said yeah. He told me he is a great wrestler. Keep the grind my prayers and respect

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