Lucha Underground News & Notes 10/15

Melissa Santos at the Wrestling Guy Store
Lucha Underground’s Melissa Santos will be appearing at the Wrestling Guy Store Friday, October 23rd from 7-9pm. “The Voice of Lucha Underground” will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans. All autographs are $10 and photo ops are $10.

Eric Van Wagenen Exe. Producer of Lucha Underground Interview
This isn’t our interview, unfortunately but Eric Van Wagenen answers 10 questions about Lucha Underground for the Van Wagenen was very complimentary of guys like Willie Mack, Cage, Matt Cross, Prince Puma, and Johnny Mundo. And that when they cast for the second season they are looking to add more women to the roster and that cast members don’t necessarily have to be Latin.

WWE Wants Prince Puma?
Seven years is what stands between internet darling Ricochet and a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment.  According to the Wrestling Observer, the WWE was surprised when news reached about the return of Lucha Underground.  It was WWE’s hopes to take Prince Puma from the Temple and bring him to Full Sail University to not start from the bottom, but to stand in the opposite side of the ring against NXT Champion Finn Balor.  It seems his time in Dragon Gate, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, New Japan and Lucha Underground the former champion a sought after commodity.

El Patron to WWE?
It also seems that the WWE showed interest in Angelico as well as the former Alberto Del Rio.  It seems there the WWE has felt they’ve lost some of the Hispanic demographic since his departure and without Rey Mysterio feel that they are in desperate need for Hispanic Wrestling stars.  The former two time World Heavyweight Champion and two time WWE Champion, as well as former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion and the reigning AAA Mega Champion electrified the Temple with his matches against Texano and Johnny Mundo.  El Patron has gone on record as saying that his issues with the WWE are over and that he and the company are on good terms, but wasn’t interested in returning to that kind of schedule.   However, the son of Dos Caras may not return to the Temple.  Alberto has let it known that he has had a few problems with Lucha Underground, so there isn’t a guarantee that he’ll return to either wrestling promotion.

Could the Disciples of Death split?
There is also speculation that Barrio Negro a member of the Disciples of Death the Lucha Underground Trios Champions.  He is also the brother of the artist formerly known as Mistico, Sin Cara, and most recently Myzterziz in AAA.  Myzterziz has already returned to CMLL and the rumors are both of his brothers will follow.  With Lucha Undergrounds relationship with AAA it is doubtful they’ll continue to use Barrio Negro if in fact he does join Mistico back in CMLL.

Super Secret TNA/Lucha Underground Project?
TNA’s Mr. Pectacular Jessie Godderz was recently at Jesse Hernandez’s School of Hard Knocks. Joining him were former TNA wrestler and currently Lucha Underground wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. as well as Mr. Cisco and El Siniestro de la Muerte. The foursome then reportedly headed to the Warner Bros. studios for a super secret project.  It was reported that Lucha Underground would start with some of the background production for the second season in September.