A Recap of AWS’ “Turkey Sandwich 4” Nov 22nd

Shot of the Night 11-22-2014

November 22nd, AWS “Turkey Sandwich 4″ at American Legion Post #335, South Gate.Another large crowd was on hand, despite some stiff competition from other promotions.

1 – Famous B successfully defended the Lightweight title over Chris Kadillak
A strong opening match that was a see-saw battle throughout. B won the battle to land a finisher, rolling out of Kadillak’s Gory GTS to hit the Flashing Lights, and score the pin.

* Hector Canales enters the ring next, announcing the arrival of Lovi.

2 – Revolution (Che Cabrera & Sasha Darevko) beat Mariachi Loco & El Ridiculoso
The lone tag team match on the card saw plenty of good action. Che & Sasha hit a version of the Doomsday Device, with Sasha doing a version of the Rock Bottom on Ridiculoso, for the pin.

* Rico Dynamite hits the ring next, issuing an open challenge to anyone who wanted to fight him, due to the changes on the card that was dictated by B-Boy’s injury that prevented him from defending the Heavyweight title this night. That challenge was answered by Lil Cholo.

3 – Lil Cholo p. Rico Dynamite
Strong match that saw Cholo hit the Ace Crusher, but got his left shoulder picked apart by Rico after the bell. That would be pivotal later in the main event.

4 – Datura p. Kikyo Nakamura
Good match between the two ladies. Datura ended it with a Reversal DDT for the pin.

5 – Hector Canales beat “Mr. Pec-tacular” Jesse Godderz by countout
A fantastic comedy match. There was about 5-10 minutes of serious comedy before the two men started to grapple. The combination of Hector’s “El Chido” & “Real Man” gimmicks proved just a tad too much for the former TNA star, and that led to the countout.

6 – Ray Rosas p. Tito Escondido
Strong singles match between the two men after their brutal tag team showdown inside a steel cage. Both men did a myriad of WWE-style finishers, but Ray had the last laugh, doing his own version of Daniel Bryan’s Running Knee Strike for the pin, despite some distractions from Rico.

7 – #1 Contenders Match between Tyler Bateman & Willie Mack ended in a time-limit draw.
Both men virtually beat the stuffing out of each other, even after 5 minutes were added on. Initially, Willie thought he had it won with a Chocolate Thunder Driver, but time ran out. Neither men was able to score the pin after the extra 5 mins. As a result, Bart added both men to the Heavyweight title match next month.

Shot of the Night 11-22-2014

Shot of the Night 11-22-2014

SM – Hudson Envy got a DQ-win over Cheerleader Melissa, to retain the Women’s title.
An expected SHIMMER-caliber match, although Hudson had to endure tons of pain to get in her share of strikes and holds. First, she got a stack of chairs thrown at her outside the ring, then had her head stomped on by Melissa, while she took some close-up photos, using Ozzy’s camera. Perhaps it was a combination of Hudson’s resiliency, and her inability to hit her Air Raid Crash that led Melissa to choke Hudson out at the ropes, and didn’t break that hold at the 5-count of Referee Justin Borden.

M – No-DQ match. Rocky Romero p. Lil Cholo to insert himself into next month’s Heavyweight title match.
Rocky obviously took out his frustrations for not getting that elusive shot at B-Boy on Cholo. Both men traded shots and moves throughout the match, but Rocky took advantage of the No-DQ, rolling up Cholo, then hooking his arm around the bottom rope for the pin.

So with that, on 12/20, on one of the last wrestling cards in So Cal for the year, B-Boy, Rocky Romero, Tyler Bateman, & Willie Mack will clash in a four-way elimination match for the Heavyweight title. This goes with additional matches that are scheduled for the 2nd AWS/PWB supershow. MOTN for me goes to the Hudson/Melissa match, followed by the Datura/Kikyo match, then the Hector/Mr. Pec comedy match. And with that, that’s all for “The Chaos Column” until the weekend of 12/13 & 12/14. Although I likely won’t be at the PWG “Black Cole Sun” show, I am planning to be at the IWL “Mad Reaction” show on 12/13 in Baldwin Park, then the CWFHollywood taping in Port Hueneme, on 12/14, for Pearce/Cabana 9. The 12/20 AWS/PWB show will be my last wrestling show of 2014.

Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and be safe when shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

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