Primetime Championship Wrestling: Not happening!

I hate to be the one I told you so… but I told you so.  On September 16th I had my doubts that a show of this magnitude would be able to be pulled off.  In fact my exact quote via the message board was

 …but I’m extremely leery of this promotion Prime Time Championship Wrestling. Until otherwise indicated, I would attend this show with a lot of caution. I know that in recent memory there have quite a few number of… extenuating circumstances with promotions who feature “all star” talent promoting their first show in San Diego.

I’ve heard from a source that says the show has been canceled due to “Venue closing, earlier than they expected.”

Now it’s not unheard of for a promotion to switch venues now… but the odds of that happening are very unlikely. If you were planing on attending, I’d recommend contacting the promoter before hand.

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  1. Stu Savage | 10/04/2014 at 12:54 AM |

    I never allow myself to get involved in petty little bullshit like I seen today on SoCalUncensored. It is dumb shit like this that gives wrestling a bad name and what really sucks is it is the fans who it hurts most.

    Never in my life did I think this show October 18th was going to get canceled, the YMCA in Downtown San Diego is closing it’s doors early and it put me in a messed up place. UNLIKE other promotions that cancel their events I am still paying the boys that where booked even though the show is canceled. WHY? Because I actually care about this business, this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, and finally had the opportunity to launch.

    Adam Ginsberg aka the guy who makes his wife work 2 jobs so he can sit at home and “talk” about wrestling all day to himself fka Mr West Coast Wrestling Company was actually somebody that I was working with in the beginning and is actually the person responsible for us booking the YMCA Downtown San Diego for our first show.

    Adam gave me this big story that we wouldn’t have to rent a ring and that he has everything we need to launch in October from his dead and gone West Coast company.

    Adam spoke very highly of the YMCA had me book the date October 18th and told me to rent a uhaul to move his ring from Temecula to San Diego. After I rented a uhaul, got a storage for us in San Diego Adam came to me and said “I was just an investor and that if I wanted to work with him our name needed to be West Coast Wrestling Company” told me Primetime was dumb, Absolute was dumb, and WAR was dumb, went from being the ultra cool guy who has everything you need to run a show to a total dick overnight.

    Then Adam told me the talent I wanted to book wasn’t good enough, that only his WCWC people would be on the show…

    I am sorry I thought this was my money I was investing…

    As I got to know more about Adam I realized nobody likes him and working with him would be more hurtful then helpful. I guess I was just too eager to get this thing up and running and thought someone actually believed in me and where I wanted to go. BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE EVER…

    I wrote adam an email and told him I would no longer like to work with him, in his response he went ballistic called me a joke told me I was going to fail and even threatened to call police on me for harassing him then went on twitter rants for days about me in which I never once responded because like I said earlier I don’t allow myself to get involved in bullshit I had enough of that growing up in foster care…

    When I see things like Jay Cal saying watch out for our show, it disturbs me because until today I had no idea wtf heros of wrestling was nor do I have anything to do with them. After google searching them today and seeing what they did to Shelly Martinez and other stars I can see why people would be scared of a new SD promotion.

    In no way does that have anything to do with me and it kind of sucks that people who are considered media reporters for so cal wrestling don’t get their facts straight at all. His partner Mike Draven was scheduled to work with us October 18th along with many other reputable people who I admire, respect, and hope to work with in the future.

    So in short, under no more stress of bullshit from others I am going to do this thing MY WAY, hate if you want or feel free to do the right thing and join the movement support indy wrestling and be the change this industry needs instead of the problem.

    -Stu Savage

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