Recap of VPW “September to Remember V” September 12th

Vendetta: Cholo takes Luxury to his limit

September 12th, Vendetta Pro Wrestling “September to Remember V” at the Radisson Hotel, Santa Maria Airport. A reported 375 rowdy fans in the Santa Maria area packed the ballroom. Technical difficulties delayed the start, but it started out with a bang. Sunami came out to discuss matters regarding the tag team titles in the wake of an injury sustained by his tag team partner, Kadin Anthony. The Ballard Bros. then came out and attacked him. As Sunami reeled from that ambush, Tyler Bateman came out for the match.

1 – Tyler Bateman p. Sunami
Sunami seemed to have it won, but Tyler’s VPW stablemates had other ideas, which included Raze actually lifting Sunami up for the Psycho Suplex, leaving an opening for Tyler to hit the Discus Lariat or Bullhammer Elbow Strike for the pin.

* Sunami later cut a promo that he would look out for himself moving forward. That eventually led Joe Duncan to force a vacating of the tag team titles.

2 – Jimi Mayhem p. Greg Hernandez
Greg got in some offense, including an attempt to pick apart Jimi’s left knee, then got knocked out with the big boot to the face, leading to the pin.

3 – Vintage Dragon successfully defended the Tri-Force title over Buddy Royal & Jeckles The Jester
This match included 11 German Suplexes by Buddy Royal, including a chain suplex, where he suplexed Jeckles, who simultaneously suplexed VD. But it was VD who rolled an overhead throw from the corner into a Swanton Bomb to pin Buddy.

4 – 5-women competed in the Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup. This year’s edition was held Royal Rumble style, with eliminations by pinfall or submission. Laura Palmer & Kikyo Nakamura started it off, followed by Sage Sin Supreme, Ruby Raze, & Andrea The Giant. Most of the women tried their best to take down the giantess, but failed miserably. Andrea hit the Chokeslam to pin Laura, then Raze pinned Kikyo, then helped Andrea unload on Sage, finishing her off with a pair of Elbow Drops for the pin. The two big women then squared off, trading blows before Kikyo distracted Referee Jay Stone. That allowed Raze’s stablemates to interfere, with Tyler Bateman hitting a right hand, loaded with some chain, on Andrea. That allowed Raze to score the cup-winning pin, but Tyler paid the price with a Chokeslam from Andrea.

5 – Clay Tawzer with a DQ-win over Judas Mesias
Judas played cat-and-mouse most of the match with the bigger Clay, and that may’ve led to him using his copy of The Bible to smash it against Clay’s back. That led Clay to ask for a Los Alamos Bullrope Match against Judas on the 12/27 show in Santa Maria.

6 – Parental Discretion (Mario Banks & Mike Menace) beat Shane & Shannon Ballard to win the vacant Tag Team titles
Great back-and-forth action ended with Mike p. Shane with a Spinning Neckbreaker

7 – Levi Shapiro (w/ Buddy Royal) p. Mike Rayne
Things seemed pretty even, then Levi ripped off some of the heavy padding on one of his wrists, which was then used by Buddy to smack Mike up the face with it, leading to the pin. Mike’s Parental Discretion partners were not happy, leading to a 12/27 tag team title match.

SM – Creepshow (Brawlin’ Bo Cooper & J.D. Horror, w/ Sage Sin Supreme) beat Alexander G. Bernal & Perry Von Viscous.
Good match that ended with Bo pinning Perry after he & J.D. hit their team finisher. That should give them some confidence going into their upcoming hardocre match with The Ballard Bros. at next month’s Simi Valley show.

Vendetta: Cholo takes Luxury to his limit

Vendetta: Cholo takes Luxury to his limit

M – Lil Cholo successfully defended the Heavyweight title over Rik Luxury
Great match that saw plenty of counter-wrestling and chain-wrestling. Cholo hit the last Ace Crusher after trading finishers with Rik to score the pin.

Overall, a great card, and the rowdy Santa Maria fans helped in that regard. While it did cut my Central Coast Comic Con Preview Night session short, the energy at the Vendetta show offset it. MOTN goes to the Cholo/Luxury match, followed by the Tri-Force title match, then the tag team title match.

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    It was “The Apostle” Judah Mathew that Tawzer wrestled. Judas Mesias is a different guy.

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