New Vendetta Pro Champions Crowned

Last night in Santa Maria, Ca Rik Luxury won the #1 contender Vendetta 8-2-14 flyer new nwa logoBattle Royal by knocking out Referre Jay Stone & eliminated Little Cholo to win the battle royal.amp; would then go on to defeat “Rock of Love” Billy Blade to become the NEW Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion due to the assistance of The Classic Connection. Vendetta Pro’s Joseph Duncan went back and verified on video that Luxury was in fact eliminated from the Rumble. He then made a match in which the new Champion Rik Luxury to defend against the rightful winner, Cholo.

The Classic Connection tried to interfere again, but Billy ran them off, allowing Cholo to hit his finisher, and score the pinfall on Luxury to become the new Champion. Billy came in with the belt, and as Luxury was getting to his feet, Billy nailed him with a Step Up Enziguiri. Billy then got on the mic, and said that he was going to take some time off, but that while he and Cholo haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, that there had always been mutual respect and that the title is in good hands, giving Cholo the belt.

SU/KA defeated The Ballard Bros inside a Steel Cage to become the NEW Vendetta Pro Tag team Champions

Congrats to the new champions!!

Credit: Vendetta Pro