Santino BrosSantino 8-8-14 flyer
August 8th 2014
Bell Gardens, Ca

Ray Rosas is the NEW General Manager. Robby Phoenix explained he is a fighter and want’s to win championships and cannot manage the company. A number one contender needed to be decided. Rosas called for a Race Against the Clock Elimination match.

Bad Dude Tito def Ali Hussein

Tito then offered the Bad Dude Challenge and called out Eli Everfly, Looking for redemption from when Eli beat Tito.

Bad Dude Tito def Eli Everfly
Tito then said he’s got unfinished business and called out Famous B.
B no showed.

Ryan Kidd def Sasha Darevko

R.A.C.E. Match
Che Cabrera def Jacob “The Riot” Diez in 11:34

R.A.C.E Match
Robby Phoenix and BC Killer went to a 15 minute Time limit draw.

R.A.C.E Match
Willie Mack def Fern Owens in 5:12

Peter Avalon def Seville Alvarez

Charm School with guest Jezabel Romo. Jezabel apologized for turning her back on the fans. Biagio did not believe her but more importantly Rico showed up and did not believe her apology. He did not accept it and pushed her to the floor.

Santino Bros Submission Championship:
Tyler Bateman def Famous B to become the NEW Submissions Champion! Tito Showed up and distracted B in order for Bateman to get the win.

Santino Bros apologize that the Ustream failed for last night event. They will get the matches up on Youtube soon.

Credit: Santino Bros