Recap of AWS/SBWA Supershow July 25th

Shot of the Night 07-25-14

July 25th 2014, AWS/SBWA Supershow at American Legion Post #355, South Gate. A big crowd was on hand for this joint event.

“Why would I be at a comic con [San Diego Comic Con], when I could be at an event that is just as big, and that is the AWS/SBWA Supershow!” — Capt. Comic Con

1 – Brian Kendrick p. Che Cabrera to win the SBWA Heavyweight Title.
Strong opener that saw Kendrick win a cover battle to score the title-clincher.

2 – Jeckles The Jester def. Mariachi Loco by countout.
Strong 2nd match that saw Jeckles “play ventriloquist” with Mariachi Loco. Both men ended up brawling outside the ring, and Jeckles just managed to get into the ring as Referee Jason McCord counted 10.

3 – Tyler Bateman p. Mikey O’Shea w/ a pair of Discus Elbow strikes.
Good, even match that saw Tyler overcome a Spinebuster & Tree Slam to land in those two big finishing strikes for the pin.

4 – B.C. Killer & Allie Parker def. Fern Owen & Ruby Raze.
Good, evenly-paced intergender tag team match that saw B.C. & Allie p. Fern after B.C. hit the Springboard Corner Splash.

5 – Robbie Phoenix def. Sgt. Maj. Alexander Paul by submission.
Robbie overcame a major beatdown from the current SBWA Showcase Commissioner to get in an Armbreaker submission that the Sgt. Maj. couldn’t get out of, and the referee paid the price for it in the form of his finisher.

6 – Famous B successfully defended the SBWA Submission Title over Eli Everfly.
Make no mistake about Eli’s courage and fight. The 2013 SCU Rookie of the Year gave it all he had against B, but couldn’t get out of the Modified Abdominal Stretch after eating a Flashing Lights.

7 – Hudson Envy successfully defended the AWS Women’s Title over LuFisto (w/ Pegaboo).
Hard-hitting ladies match that saw Pegaboo land a couple of bonks to Hudson’s head. It wouldn’t be enough, though, as Hudson used 3 Air Raid Crashes to put away the “Super Hardcore Anime” wrestler.

SM – Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido, w/ Mongol Santino) successfully defended the AWS Tag Team Titles over Lil Cholo & Rocky Romero.
Strong, even match that went south when Cholo’s dropkick ended up hitting Rocky, and Rocky KO’d him with a roundhouse kick. That allowed Rico to roll Tito over Cholo for the pin.

M – B-Boy successfully defended the AWS Heavyweight Title over Kaos.
These two legends of the So Cal Wrestling Scene did not disappoint in this main event. Both men, fueled by the energy of the crowd, went all in, pulling out all the moves they had in their arsenal. But it was B-Boy who hit his signature moves late, finishing it off with a Rear Naked Choke for the tapout.

Shot of the Night 07-25-14

Shot of the Night 07-25-14

Afterwards, the whole SBWA crew hit the ring, and Kaos gave one post-match promo about how the school has helped him stay in the industry, among other things.

A fantastic 4-hour show that went well past midnight on Saturday, and they still did the after party. Plenty of fans won tickets for the next 2 shows on 8/23 & 9/27. I’ll give MOTN honors to the B-Boy/Kaos match, followed by the Envy/LuFi match, then the Che/Spanky match.

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  1. I gotta give MOTN to – in no particular order – B-Boy/Kaos, Bandidos/Cholo & Roman, Envy/LuFisto & Bateman/O’Shea, with the caveat that I missed all of the Kendrick/Cabrera match and half of the Jeckles/Mariachi matches. Friggin’ Friday Freeways.

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