Jay Cal’s View #102 B-Boy Seminar

It’s been far too long since I wrote one of these. But I feel like this fits the occasion.  Saturday July 19th at the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy, will be an in ring training seminar with B-Boy from 1PM to 4PM for $25.  I think this is an excellent opportunity for Southern California Professional Wrestlers, looking to take the next step into their careers.

Santino BBOY Semiar 7-19-14 flyer

February 2nd 2001, Ultimate Pro Wrestling presents WARZONE at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California. This would be my second UPW show and my first non-WWE event in about 8 years. I was unaware that a world of professional wrestling existed outside of the WWE, WCW, and ECW. In fact, the only reason why I was at this show was just a few months earlier I was given a flyer at a WWE event to see the Hardy Boyz wrestle in UPW. I had such a fun time at the first show that I was looking forward to the second one. The opening match for an event that was scouted heavily by WWE talent evaluators, B-Boy and Funky Billy Kim (Tommy Williams) would be defeated by some guy named Prodigy for the UPW Lightweight Title. And although B-Boy lost that match, he was definitely the star that shined in that match.

It was a different time in Southern California Wrestling. The popularity of the sport actually sustained two very successful wrestling websites (SoCal-Wrestling.com) and this site. At that time Southern California was extremely segregated in that you wouldn’t see guys cross company lines. You wouldn’t see Joey Kaos in UPW. You wouldn’t see Frankie Kazarian in XPW. And rarely would you see guys work more than one or two promotions.  Some guys transcended that, B-Boy in particular was one of them. B-Boy was a guy who didn’t just wrestle for one promotion, but wrestled multiple promotions and gained a ton of notoriety and success. B-Boy would regularly work CCW (San Diego) UPW (Orange County) Rev Pro (Norwalk/Anaheim) and started working for a new promotion called MPW (Simi Valley)… all of which gained him a following via tape trading (yeah there wasn’t a thing called YouTube yet.)

B-Boy is a guy who was able to transcend Southern California. Where many guys were content with being big time in SoCal, B-Boy was one of the few guys who packed up his bags and moved East, supporting himself through professional wrestling. Name your favorite promotion, he’s probably worked there. PWG, Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA, CZW, IWA Mid South, he is the AWS Heavyweight Champion and quite literally has worked every single promotion in Southern California; CWFH, SoCal Pro, Empire Wrestling Federation, Battle Ground, New Wave, Vendetta, APEX Pro, and the list can go on and on. And B-Boy has worked with hundreds of talented wrestlers over the 14 plus years he’s been in the business.

The experiences B-Boy has gained in professional wrestling would be an asset to any locker room and the opportunity to listen and learn from one of the best in Southern California is being made available via the Santino Brothers on July 19th.  As a long time fan of B-Boy, I urge every worker who wants to advance their career to attend this seminar.  B-Boy had conducted a seminar in the mid-west earlier this year, but this might be your only time to learn from a true season veteran.