[RESULTS] LSA Show in Norwalk, Ca

Lucha Society of America
Norwalk Moose Lodge
Norwalk, Ca


Jacob Diez defeated Ax Hammer with a Death Valley Driver

Fabian Fury & Pinky defeated The Unstoppable Brothers with a Big Swing/Dropkick to face

“Raidant” Jason Redondo defeated Crayz with a DDT

Johnny Yuma defeated Mr. Impact with a Double Knee Driver

Sadist defeated Ryan J. Morals when Jason Redondo hit Morals with a chair while the ref was knocked out

Main Event

“El Chido” Hector Canales & Damon Devine defeated “Mr. Mega Star” Tommy Wilson & “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel with a doubel schoolboy pin.


This evening show was pretty good unfortunetly this show wasn’t given much time to promote due to booking & location issues. A small attendance was there but the matches were all pretty decent. Some talent have not worked with eachother before which showed in the match but none the less everyone gave the fans an entertaining evening & promise that the next event will have sufficent time to promote the event.

But this evening, we saw Crayz compete in his final match as a professional wrestler. This old school grudge match was a great send off for the seasoned vet & I wish him all the best in the next chapter in his life.

Out of the matches this evening, I feel that the match between Sadist vs Ryan J. Morals was the match of the evening. Not taking away from the rest of the matches tonight but I don’t know if these two men have ever faced eachother before but these two guys worked well. This match kept me focus & making me think what will happen next. Ryan Morals is someone I’ve seen get better & better in every match he competes in. He may have some “green” moments in some matches in his career but tonight he was spot on & seeing him in this match shows the reason why he is nominated for Socaluncensored’s Rookie of the Year. I really feel that Morals & Sadist really complement eachother in this match & hope to see them against eachother down the road.

LSA may be having another show in the month of March

This is Mike Draven..signing off till next time