AWA Legends Friday Feb. 22, 2013 San DIego, CA

Hello everybody!!! Today I am particularly excited about sharing my experience attending my first AWA Legends show in  my hometown of San Diego, CA.

I had heard of this promotion but never had a chance to attend any of their prior events due to different circumstances, and just as I was ready to write an article about how other than So-Cal Pro Wrestling there was nothing worth mentioning in SD wrestling wise… Oh good Lord!!! I was treated to one of the most electrifying, well put together wrestling shows in a good while!
I arrived to the venue with my good friend Black Mamba and most of the talent was already there, the squared circle had already been set up and the crowd was ready for some action!!!
Even though it’s not a huge venue, the set up is very cozy and it has just about enough room for what the events are: An intimate wrestling show in which the fans can REALLY interact with the wrestlers and there’s no way you can miss any of the action… (unless you had one too many drinks already I guess, but even then I believe honestly it is hard to not be a part of the happening due to the intimate atmosphere!).

The promotion has a live commentating crew that unlike most promotions, they are narrating and commentating throughout the event on the venue’s sound system for everybody to hear, and believe me what a great job they do!!!! From chants like: This is awesome!, Lucha Libre!!! etc. to the soon to be classic: Take that John Cena!

I definitely regret not attending all those previous shows I missed and let it be known that AWA has won a loyal fan in yours truly from now on!

The talent REALLY delivers, they squeeze the most out of their juice as far as all of the matches, from the opener all the way to the very end of the event! which is something other promotions really lack from!

Here are the result of what I can certainly call the very best event I have attended in months!

-Jimmy Ray Walker defeated Dark Uzagi.
-Incendio Calavera lost to Zion Lion in a really solid match.
-Jacob Diaz and Riccky Mandel had a shot for teh Tag Titles that was ruined by the defending and still champs Duke and Matt Twisted.
-Machievski over Damon Devine after intermission got the crowd going again.
-Krazy Klown couldn’t get a victory over Booger who walked out with the victory.
-Shaddy VS SoCal Crazy stole the show in a match that went all the way to the 10 min. time limit but got re-started after Shaddy asked for 5 more mins to end things right, after SoCal Missed a spinning kick and banged the ring post, Shaddy took the opportunity to get back in the ring and get the victory via count out.
-Black Mamba got another victory over Toxic in brutal but really solid match.
-On the Main Event Continental Champ Mariah Moreno retained the tittle over Joey “The Bone” Barone when the reff got squashed and Joey brought a chair to the ring, Mariah low blowed Barone, took the chair and nailed Joey in the head with it covering for the pin.

-Call your shot Battle Royal, saw all the stars in the show take part in a very entertaining over the top elimination match that Chris Disney was able to steal to walk out with the victory!

The Good: The show in it’s entirety!
The Bad: Some of the wrestlers in teh battle royal wore street clothes to take part in the match.
The Ugly: A drunk guy that wanted to take part in the action and got close to get his back handed to him by B-Boy.
(who took part in the battle royal).