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Hey SCU, it’s Mike aka Draven & I’m here with the next installment of interviews for SCU. My next interview is with none other than one half of the EWF Tag Team Champions from The Von Doom’s this is Cyanide.


1. First of all, how are you & how are you feeling today?

Cyanide: I am doing great! Feeling even better after winning the EWF Tag Team Titles!!!

2. Do you remember the first time you saw a wrestling match & if so do you remember who was wrestling?

Cyanide: I don’t remember my first match. My Mother, Father, and Uncle would would always take me to Lucha Shows around L.A. as a baby and all through my childhood. My recollection of who I first saw is horrible. I always enjoyed watching Perro Aguayo, Tinneblas, Octagon, early Konan days with his long hair.

3. Who was your inspiration to get into the wrestling buisness?

Cyanide: Hmmm… Inspiration… Naturally I was a Big Hogan fan as a kid and I always watch WWF (then), and Lucha on TV. But my inspiration was I was reintroduced to the Indy scene. To see all these guys doing what they do for the love of the business. Unbeknownst to me I would be one of them. I LOVE the Indy scene!

4. What was it about pro wrestling that made you decide that this was the thing you wanted to do?

Cyanide: I had an itch to learn and the first moment I got in the ring the tiny flame the burned to a raging fire.

5. Where did go for your training & who were your instructors?

Cyanide: I first started with the guys at XPW. My first trainer was Angel the Hardcore Homo and Mongol, Juantastico, then Kaos started working with me, every once in a while Dynamite D would step in and work with me. And of course Supreme would show up for a meeting and share some knowledge. After that I went with Ron Rivera and the Rev Pro Crew.

6. How do you feel about where you trained to be a pro wrestler? Were your teachers a positive influence on you?

Cyanide: I loved it! They pushed me to be tough and not shy away from a challenge. They were completely positive and helped me take that positive mental attitude that I can make a match and have the showmen skills it take to work the crowd.

7. Who were some of the other students in your class & do they still continue to wrestle?

Cyanide: When I was with the XPW guys I was the newbie and their monkey. I was their test dumbie to work out their moves, etc.. When I was with Ron Rivera it was fun, I got to work with guys like Scorpio Sky, Top Gunn Talowar, Black Metal, Charles Mercury, Biggie Bigs, to name a few. Some are still around, others have moved away, and some are no longer around.

8. How long did you train before you had your first match?

Cyanide: It was about a year and a half of training before my first match.

9. Exactly how long have you been wrestling?

Cyanide: I started training in 2001 and my first match was 4th of July 2002

10. I know i’ve seen you wrestle for Empire Wrestling Federation but is there any other promotions you compete for? If you do compete for other promotions, do you have a favorite & why?

Cyanide: I love working for the EWF, I also work for FSW in Las Vegas, Apex Pro, LCW, and AOW. My favorite would be hard to point out cause each promotion has their own personality. I always like working for EWF, FSW, & LCW. Their crowds are the best the indy scene has to offer.

11. Have you or do you want to wrestle in other countries?

Cyanide: I would love to take my gimmick on the road even more to other countries. That’s what we work hard for to experience the road trips and travels.

12. Please tell me about Cyanide & how your persona came about?

Cyanide: I’ve always worked on my persona but never really felt it come out till the last few years. Cyanide’s a tough guy and can take a beating but never count him out. A friend gave me the nick name and Dynamite D liked what he heard and even gave me some different concepts to work with.

13. Tell me about the early days of Cyanide? Were you part of any factions prior to The Von Dooms?

Cyanide: Early days of Cyanide… I had a lot of good matches worked in different areas of L.A. even got a bit too carried away in the Hardcore scene. Cyanide wasn’t really apart of any factions. The Von Dooms is a brotherhood. Family Per-say.

14. Has Cyanide changed over the years? Meaning did you start your career with a different style/persona compare to now?

Cyanide: Cyanide started as green as they come. I worked stiff in my early days. And through working with different workers (in Lucha & American) and training with other guys. Keeping an open mind and will to learn I widen my knowledge and experience.

15. When did the formation of The Von Dooms take place? Tell me about working with Vintage Dragon & Terra Calaway?

Cyanide: The Birth of the Von Dooms came about in 2007. I met Vintage Dragon while training with Black Metal. He was booking for FCW and thought we would work well as a team. He’s a solid worker from day 1 but needed a bit of enthusiasm to get him completely over. Little did we know we would still be tagging years with a great following. THANK YOU BLACK METAL!!! Terra Calaway joined the family just recently in 2011.

16. Throughout your career, how many championships have you won & is there any that means alot to you & why?

Cyanide: I have held titles for NTW/NTLL, BRAWL in NorCal, LLA, and FSW. The BRAWL title and FSW title hold a special place in my heart. I loved working for BRAWL and they had a crowd they drew, not to mention the locker room was professional. Till this day I always love having matches with guys like the Suburban Commandos, Chupacabras, Alexis Drevko, Pogo the Clown, etc.. And with FSW, we’ve been with them since day 1 and seen this no name fed grow to be Las Vegas’ top wrestling fed, that have an array of talented stars on their roster.

17. Who are some of the talent you enjoy working with & why?
any matches stand out to you as your favs?

Cyanide: As I said before I like working the Suburban Commndos, kicking Kaos around was always fun, working the Chivos is an experience in itself, being in the ring with guys like Scott Snot, Black Metal, Captain Calico, Brandon Gatson, Ryan Taylor, Supreme, Pogo the Clown, Aaron Aguilera, Vampiro, the late Mortis, Rey Misterio Sr. and his son El Hijo de Rey Misterio, I can go on. One of my all time favorite matches was working the Iwi’s from New Zealand in Las Vegas for CAC. That was a fun match and great bunch of Kiwi’s, I have no shadow of a doubt we will see them Big somewhere soon. It’s always been a great time. But to say I have a favorite… That’s hard. Everyone I’ve worked with have been good. Too many match to talk about. Come with me on the road and I’ll share some with you.

18. Is there any Indy talent in Southern california or anywhere that you would like to eventually work with?

Cyanide: I would like to have a run with as many SoCal talent as possible. I want to say I personally work with them all and put them in my book of achievements as is working with anyone outside of California. I always welcome the challenge.

19. Do you have any road stories or any fond memories with talent outside the ring you would like to share?

Cyanide: I got a couple with Brandon Gatson, Vintage Dragon, Angel, Scott Snot, and Black Metal. What happens on the road stays on the road!

20. What do you think makes a good match in the ring?

Cyanide: You have to get the crowd to want to give a shit about the good guy. Doing all the flashing moves is great but if you don’t tell them a story they won’t care. The Battle between good and evil. You got to respond and work with the fans also. They’re paying good money to be entertained. Do it!

21. Do you watch WWE, TNA or Ring of Honor? if so what do you think of the product?

Cyanide: I watch WWE and TNA when I can, I also tend to watch YouTube video’s from time to time. I like the product but it doesn’t have me hooked as before. Maybe it’s too much tv drama. I’m old school I liked the way shows were done when I was a kid. Great solid matches that would go 15 or 20 mins. Not just time fillers for a few mins.

22. Speaking of the big companies, have you had an opportunity to wrestle for them in any dark matches, tryouts or gut checks?
Or have you done any backstage segments or played “security” on Tv?

Cyanide: Honestly I never have.

23. How do you feel about the current Indy Scene here in So Cal?

Cyanide: I seen the Indy scene have it’s good times and bad and it’s divisions with feds, workers, and fans. But lately I think the Indy scene has really stepped it all around. From shows, to workers, gimmicks, matches, and most of all fans!

24. Some talent has set a goal for themselves saying if they don’t make it, they’ll walk away. Some are in college while wrestling, some have full time careers. So do you have a goal in trying to succeed in the buisness or do you have something to fall back on if things don’t turn out the way you want it? Or will Cyanide continue to wrestle & enteraining fans for many years to come?

Cyanide: I want to say Cyanide will always be around. I have my day to day career and wrestling. I would like to be able to make a good living off my gimmick but we all know how that goes. It’s a tough road to walk. But most definitely I would love to always be around.

25. How does Cyanide relax after a rough weekend of shows (Gym, Yoga, Drinks, Video Games, etc)?

Cyanide: Usually I like to crack open a bottle of Jack and listen to his tunes. I also like to bbq. Sometimes you’ll catch me going for late night jogs and walks in my hood.

26. Tell me about your “Dream Match”?

Cyanide: Please see answer to question 17… I’ve worked with guys I never thought I’d be able to work with and like always I’m open to work with any one. To say I have a dream match would be hard.

27. Last Question: Do you have anything to say to the fans of southern california & especially to the fans of Cyanide?

Cyanide: I’d like to say Thank You! For being at the shows, welcoming me, cheering me, booing me, the well wishes during injuries, and all your support. Not just for me but all your favorite Wrestlers! Don’t forget January 4th, 2013 – EWF in Covina, CA… Von Dooms will be defending the EWF Tag Team Titles against Anchors Away. Be There!!!!

I want to thank Cyanide for taking some time from his busy schedule to do this interview with me & for SCU. Thank you again SCU fans for reading this next installment of interviews, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all & see you next time for Mike Draven’s next interviews here on SCU.