[RESULTS] CWF Hollywood Dec. 2nd

CWF Hollywood
Sunday December 2rd 2012
Glendale Studios
1239 Glendale Ave., Glendale

Tyler Cintron def. Damon Diving

The Nobody’s (Hector Canales & Angel Lopez, w/ Pinky & Luis Tapia) def. Gregory Sharpe & Christian Kelly

30th Century Fox (w/ Shelly Martinez) def. Andrew Hellman

Mikey O’Shea def. Shaun Ricker (w/ Percy Pringle III)

Pinky (w/ the Nobody’s) def. Brian Weston — Forced Weston to Join the Nobodies

Cedric The Hitman (w/ The Family Stone) def. Biggie Biggz

Scorpio Sky(w/Christian Cole & Duke) def. Famous B

Hollywood TV Championship Match
Willie Mack def. James Morgan (w/ The Family Stone)

Johnny Goodtime def. Ray Rosas (w/ Peter Avalon)
–Rosas and Avalon attacked Goodtime until Johnny Yuma made the save

Robbie Phoenix def. Ridiculoso

Los Banditos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido, w/ Sylvia) def. Hobo & Manimal

Terex def. Big Duke (w/ The Experience)

I Quit Match
Timothy Thatcher and Brian Cage ended in a no contest when both men were knocked out

Kaos (“Voodoo Apocalypse” w/ G.Q. Money) squashed Gregory Sharpe (w/ Christian Kelly)

Handicap Match
Othello (w/ Fresh 2 Death) def Fern Owen, Sexy Chino, and Ryan J. Morals

Johnny Yuma def .Peter Avalon (w/ Ray Rosas)
–Rosas and Avalon attacked Yuma until Johnny Goodtime made the save

Che Cabrera (a.k.a. Andres “Hed” Cabrera) def. Jarek Matthews

Eric Watts def. Cutler Wright

Non-title tag team match
Fresh 2 Death (Leo Blaze & Josh Rozay, w/ Othello) beat Heritage Tag Team Champions The Tribe (Navajo Warrior & Tomahawk–a.k.a. Thunderwolf, who subbed for Hawaiian Lion, w/ Olivia)

10-Man Gauntlet Match to determine the #1 Contender for the TV Championship
Brian Cage defeated Shaun Ricker, Cage was the final entrant, Ricker was the 1st lasting a full 45 minutes.