EWF’s Jingleslam results 12/7/12













EWF’s Jingleslam was in Covina on Friday December 7th and had a full house inside the Knights of Columbus hall.

Here are the results & highlights from this evening’s show:


Brute Barreto defeated Espirito Infernal via Spinebuster

Marty Ilias comes out to the ring to a “Marty sucks” chant. He comes into the ring to talk about where he has been since we’ve last seen him. He also discussed about his tenure in the wrestling buisness and how the buisness has changed. And he mention that throughout his time off, only one current EWF star kept in contact with him while the rest of the talent didn’t bother and he says that this star is his who Marty is supporting.


Flecha Fugaz defeated The Viking Warrior Jeff Irving via a Sideways Figure Four leg lock


“The Mega King” Tommy Wilson defeated Kid Caramba via Powerbomb


Deputy Commisioner “Handsome” Johnny Star made his way into the ring wearing a santa outfit, greating fans before he got into the ring. He says he has a gift for all the fans in attenedance & calls out the EWF Tag Team Champions The Bar Room Saints. Johnny Star says he’s watch The Saints in the EWF & was proud of them for winning the tag team titles. He alos mention that he knows that The Saints are fighting champs & will take on all comers, so Johnny Star announces a Five Team Gauntlet Match for the EWF Tag Team Championship.

Here is the order of team & eliminations:

Ironman Mike Maze & Andrew Hellman defeated The Bar Room Saints

Ironman Mike Maze & Andrew Hellman defeat Nothing But Trouble (Big bad Maddix and Eddie Matson)

Muhammed Raccid Najjar & Jafar defeated Ironman Mike Maze & Andrew Hellman

The Von Dooms defeated Muhammed Raccid Najjar & Jafar

The Von Dooms defeated Anchors Away to win the EWF Tag Team Championship


10 man Eliminations Tag Team Match

Team Sinister (Rico Dynomite, Tito Escondido, Sugar Sweet, Robby Pheniox & Damian)


Team Taco (SoCal Crazy, Richie Slade, Andrew Brown, Valiant & Referee Justin Borden)

Here is the elimintations:

Valiant eliminated by Rico Dynomite via Boston crab

Andy Brown eliminated by Robby Pheniox by pinfall

Richie Slade eliminated by Sugar Sweet via pinfall

Robby Phenoix eliminated by SoCal Crazy via Crossface submission

Tito Escondido eliminated by Justin Borden via DQ (Borden put Tito’s Legs between his & played that Tito kicked him in the nuts)

Justin Borden eliminated by Rico Dynomite via DQ (Sinister try to hand Rico his cane but Borden picked it up & Rico played as he got hit by the cane)

SoCal Crazy eliminated by Sugar Sweet via pinfall


Rico Dynomite, Sugar Sweet & Damian were the sole survivors


Main Event for the EWF Championship

Brandon Gatson defeated Joey Ryan via Gatitude Stunner

The match was restarted after after a second referee told the main referee what had happen & show pictures taken at ringside where Joey Ryan won the match against Brandon Gatson due to a low blow & a superkick.

After the match, Brute Barreto came in and attacked a weaken Brandon Gatson, hitting him with his Spinebuster & standing over him with Marty Ilias by his side.