Jay Cal’s View #48

In this week’s Jay Cal’s View, I share my take on Mach-1’s Wrath of Con III, MPW has got a new website, Say Good-bye to Lucha Libre USA, EPIC Pro Wrestling WAR returns and you can catch the show in our video section.  Also this week’s schedule.My Thoughts on Con!!!!!!
For the third year in a row Mach-1 continued the tradition of providing some live in-ring action for the Long Beach Comic Con.  Mach-1 had gone on hiatus in September while they were looking for a new home for the school and the weekly friday night show.  I believe the last wrestling promotion to run the Long Beach Convention Center was the WWE in the late 80s.  This was my first Wrath of Con event and I had a lot of fun.  The location seemed primo.  And I was really surprised how many Convention Goers stopped what they were doing and came to check out the wrestling.  I definitely had flash back to the AWS Frank and Son days with such a blend of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Horror fans converging in one area, while I was there for wrestling.  It had been a while since my last Mach-1 Show, even before they went on hiatus.  Some guys I’m unfamiliar with, but got a nice introduction too, like Brian Weston and Luis Tapia.  The opening match really got the fans excited.  For the full report check out the Chaos Column.   Kadillak certainly knows how to work a crowd.  The crowd was fired up for Disco Machine vs. Luis Tapia.  Tapia (what a delicious pun in the name) seemed like a pretty good worker(obviously not seasoned yet), kind of mixing a shoot/mma style.  The biggest thing that distracted me about Tapia is the long hair.  I’ve never seen an MMA guy with long hair, maybe its moot, but it kept taking me out of the match.  Next up was Saovi and Cross, I’ve never seen these two work either, but heard a lot about them.  They did a nice job working the crowd into a frenzy, even with some Roller Derby Chicks getting in their face.  TEREX answered their open challenge with one of my favorite guys in Mach-1,  Tha Chef!  Tha Chef is what is right about wrestling.  He’s a fun guy, puts his heart into it.  And gets the fans to cheer him.  Maybe I’m old school, but I really enjoy this guy and hope to see him get booked all over.  Next up was the hottest free agent in professional wrestling Famous B.  What can I say about B, that I haven’t already said.  He’s been featured in PPVs, featured on NWA Hollywood, Mexico, finally got his shot in PWG, and really works just about every where in SoCal.  Famous B took on Cedric the Hitman.  Both fit their roles precisely.  Cedric gets the crowd to hate him, B gets the crowd to love him.  And the dichotomy works so well and the chemistry in the ring work, just a great match.  During the course of the match, The Hitman got busted up in the face and spilled some blood.  Next up was a kinder, gentler, Eric Watts just leveling Angel Lopez.  It was another scary moment, looked like Lopez might have legit got injured.

Shaun Ricker and Nick Madrid locked horns next. Ricker was a last minute replacement for James Morgan who is injured.  Ricker and Madrid have been in the ring before, but I think this was the first one-on-one encounter.  Madrid started to mount an offense, when Stu Stone and James Morgan intervened.  It was a blend of NWA Hollywood Storyline and Mach-1.  In Hollywood the Family Stone and the Pringle Dynasty aren’t exactly on good terms.  So it was a little strange to see them working together.  Stu Stone draws so much heat. The Fatal Four way was up next and was pretty insane.  Anchors Away really get into it with the fans and sometimes I think someone is going to swing at these guys.  This match was all over the place with Anchors Away taking off their belts and beating  Ridiculoso and Mr Biggz, to having Ridiculously Bigg pantsing Anchors Away… all the kids ring side had a blast.  Todd Chandler like I previously posted looked great in this match.  My first time seeing Dynamico and the pair worked well together (like I couldn’t have guessed that.)  But it was the former members of the Coleition (Leo Blaze & Josh Rozay) who would walk out winners and #1 Contenders to The Tribe.   The Main Event would be Jarek’s second defense.  This match was way better than what I had anticipated.  Matthews suplexed the shit out of Webb.  Finished him with a sick looking dragon sleeper.  Post match beat down with the Family Stone and Ricker.  And out of the back comes the injured Nick Madrid and Willie Mack and now the Six Man Tag was on.  A total war broke out.  I enjoyed the show.

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW has launched a new website.  And no offense to the previous webmaster, this site kills the old one.  Complete with a new logo, the site is a lot easier to navigate.  Kudos for MPW for stepping it up their presence on the web.  The next two scheduled MPW Shows are December 3rd and January 14th.

Lucha Libre USA on hiatus
Plagued by an early morning time slot on MTV2, Masked Warrios has gone on hiatus.  Lucha Libre USA says they chose to go on hiatus to negotiate a better time.  However knowing MTV2’s history, they probably hired a new network executive and decided they were out of the wrestling business.  However they are continuing to stream live matches on their facebook page.  Next up is Blue Demon Jr. taking on Takana, this Saturday.

EPIC Pro Wrestling War  
Joining the video section of SoCalUNCENSORED.com will be Gary Yap’s EPIC Pro Wrestling War Television show.  Gary told me that the first season was 13 Episodes and he is working on Season 2 which should start in late November.  You can follow Gary on Twitter, @AOLStudios has been making some announcements regarding EPIC’s return.  Looks like December 10th, EPIC will debut at the YMCA in Lakewood California.


Upcoming Events:

SoCal Pro Wrestling
Friday, November 4th 2011 • 6:30pm
Escondido Sport & Fitness
130 E. Lincoln Ave. Escondido
Tickets: Free
Featuring: Ricky Mandel & Nick Lovin vs. Frosted Tip Warriors

Empire Wrestling Federation
Friday, November 4th 2011 • 6:30pm
Knights of Columbus
4315 N. Vincent Ave. Covina
Tickets: $11 $6 – Kids
Featuring: Ladder Match for EWF Heavyweight Title Terex vs. Johnny Starr

FMLL Lucha Libre
Saturday, November 5th 2011 • 6:00pm
Pico Rivera Sports Arena
11003 Rooks Rd, Pico Rivera, CA 90601
Tickets: $3o VIP, $20 General Admission, Kids $10
Featuring:  La Parka Blue Demon Rey Misterio Atlantis

NWA Hollywood: Television Taping
Sunday, November 6th 2011 • 3:00pm
Regent Showcase Theater
614 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tickets: $15 Kids $10
Featuring:  8 man “All Star Elimination” tag team match

Lucha Pro Wrestling
Sunday, November 6th 2011 • 6:30pm
132 E. Florence Ave., Los Angeles
Tickets are $10, $3 for Kids
Fearing: Lucha Pro Champion Kayman and Lucha Pro Tag Champions American Straight Edge


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