Chaos Column: Recap of M1W’s “Wrath of Con 3” Oct. 29th 2011

Shot of the Night; M1w " Wrath of Con 3" 10/29

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of Mach-1 Wrestling’s “Wrath of Con 3” show from the Long Beach Comic-Con at the Long Beach Convention Center.It may not be as big as the San Diego Comic Con, where M1W have held the last 2 “Centre City Slam” shows at the San Diego Downtown YMCA, minutes from the Convention Center; but personally, I find the Long Beach Comic Con to be just as satisfying for tapping into the geeky part of myself. More importantly, however, is where Mach-1 Wrestling have held their annual “Wrath of Con” show, as part of the Long Beach Comic Con’s Saturday events. After all, wrestling, like comics & all other media, is an art.

1 – Triple Threat Match between Brian Weston, Gregory Sharpe, & Chris Kadillak. Brian Weston got the winning pin on Chris Kadillak w/ his finishing Fireman’s Carry Slam variation.

2 – Disco Machine p. Luis Tapia w/ the Chokebreaker, a version of the Chokeslam. Afterwards, Disco Machine did his disco dance with one of the female fans in attendance.

* – Hosts of a group called “Fandom Planet” attempted to cut an in-ring promo. to showcase their product, but were cut-off by Eric Cross & Johnny Saovi., w/ Eric Cross saying, “All of you…finally came out of your mom’s basement to see Eric Cross & Johnny Saovi.” The IWL duo were cut-off themselves by an entering Terex, who then brought out his tag team partner, The Chef.

3 – Terex & The Chef def. Eric Cross & Johnny Saovi. Great tag team action ended w/ Terex hitting the 400-lb. Standing Moonsault on Johnny Saovi for the pin. Cross & Saovi were then driven to the back by the same woman that got Disco Machine’s special treatment, as well as some of the rollergirls in attendance.

4 – Famous B p. Cedric The Hitman w/ the “Flashing Lights” Superkick, followed by his Swanton Bomb. Famous B had to overcome the pain inflicted upon his picked-apart left knee to get the hard-fought win.

5 – Eric Watts cut a promo, claiming that his appeal to the NWA to reinstate Andrew Hellman for his match that day was rejected, then called out anyone who wanted to fight him, which was answered by Angel Lopez. Eric Watts squashed Angel Lopez w/ 1 move, the Murder Bomb (ala Sheamus’ High Cross).

6 – Shaun Rickers p. Nick Madrid w/ a Powerslam or his “Evil After Dark” Elevated Rock Bottom, taking advantage of distraction from an injured James Morgan, and fellow Family Stone, Stu Stone. Shaun Rickers was 1 of only 2 heels to win on this card, “and that’s not an insult, that is just a fact of life”.

SM – Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match to determine the #1 Contender to the M1W/NWA Heritage Tag Team Championship, held by The Tribe. Leo Blaze & Josh Rozay got the win over Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone), Todd Chandler & Dynamico, & Ridiculously Bigg (Ridiculoso & Mr. Biggz) after Josh Rozay got the surprise pin on Dynamico. Ridiculoso took the most punishment in this match, which ended in a wild fury, complete w/ Anchors Away & Ridiculously Bigg spilling onto the fans.

M1 – Jarek Matthews successfully defended the M1W Championship, making Kyle Webb tapout to what looked like a Rear Naked Choke or an Inverted Guillontine Hold. Match had some wild moments to go w/ the high spots, in which Kyle Webb slammed Jarek Matthews into a kid’s Captain America shield, and Jarek returned the favor by slamming a huge “play money bill” onto Kyle. Post-match, Kyle Webb hit a dropkick on Jarek, which drew out Eric who then beat down on Jarek. That drew out Nick, who got ambushed by Shaun Rickers, and then Willie Mack came out, demanding the impromptu 2nd main event.

M2 – Willie Mack, Jarek Matthews, & Nick Madrid def. Eric Watts, Shaun Rickers, & Kyle Webb (w/ James Morgan & Stu Stone). Wild & crazy high octane match ended w/ a finisher parade, capped w/ Nick Madrid & Jarek Matthews flying high from the top rope onto Kyle Webb w/ the Frog Splash & the “So I Guess This is Goodbye” Legdrop, respectively.


Shot of the Night: M1w " Wrath of Con 3" 10/29

9 matches, 2 hours at the close of the Saturday convention, & some stayed for a brief meet & greet after the show.

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