Jay Cal’s View #47

Kid Caramba was this close from becoming SoCal Pro Heavyweight Champion

Does anyone find it ironic  that the weekend before Halloween, 2 masked wrestlers returned to SoCal?  Probably the biggest name in Independent Wrestling, Super Dragon made his return to PWG Saturday Night.  “Chimaera” made his return to SoCal Pro this weekend too.  I’ll give you my thoughts on the Rumble in Oceanside, Kid Caramba was this close to becoming new champion.  Also this is very busy week for wrestling in SoCal with seven scheduled events with tonight and tomorrow nights Lucha Vavoom and some wrestling related events at the Long Beach Comic-Con, this is a good week to be a wrestling fan.

Super Dragon Returns
The Return of Super Dragon has been something many in SoCal had been hoping for, since well, the last time Super Dragon wrestled.  In May, Super Dragon was inducted into the SoCal Wrestling Hall of Fame and was honored at Mach-1 Wrestling’s Hall of Fame Cup.  But Saturday October 22nd, Super Dragon came to the rescue of the Anti-Christ of professional wrestling, Kevin Steen at Steen Wolf.  The Young Bucks were beating on Steen with folding chairs as if he was full of candy.  When the lights flashed off, the crowd was dumbfounded.  The next five minutes were nearly indescribable and what would happen next nearly blew their minds.  Joey Ryan said “… love him or hate him, Super Dragon is a fucking star. Grown men screaming like children. Goosebumps. Even the locker room became fans.”  “If you missed tonight’s PWG show, you missed out. I’ve never gotten goosebumps at a non WWE show, but the return of Super Dragon was fucking rad,” said Johnny Yuma after the show.  A common sentiment from fans on the SCU Message Board have lamented over the past few months that the scene was better with Super Dragon wrestling, December 10th, he will return to the ring.  Will Super Dragon be the savior of SoCal?

Thoughts from SoCal Rumble

Caramba, this close to become SoCal Pro Champion

This was the second year I attended the Rumble In Oceanside, last year Tommy Wilson outlasted 20 other men to win the match and later win the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Title.  Saturday Night, Tommy defended the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship against Kid Caramba.  I don’t believe it was coincidence that last year at the Rumble, Tommy last eliminated Cramaba, only to square off against him one-on-one.  Caramba was given the match, based on Winning the Summer Classic 16 Man Tournament to earn his shot.  The match was very hard hitting.  There were points when you would think that Caramba couldn’t take any more damage from Wilson, but Wilson continued to dish it out and Caramba found ways to keep getting back to his feet.  Caramba has been really having a series of great matches in SoCal Pro lately, with wins over B-Boy, Peter Avalon, Johnny Paradise, and Ricky Mandel.  When the time limit expired, Caramba begged for another 5 minutes, which Wilson reluctantly caved in and gave it.  A Near fall later popped the crowd as it appeared that Kid Caramba was the new SCP Champ.  That wasn’t the case and after 5 minutes, there was no winner.  Infurated the Mega Star Tommy Wilson demanded 5 more minutes.  As 5 minutes would run out, no man would be called winner.  Caramba couldn’t defeat Wilson, but Wilson couldn’t defeat Tommy and this situation is far from resolved.

The Rumble itself was more exciting than last years.  Damage Control aka Duke and Destro came out together and eliminated about 6 guys.  Joey Barone took a cue from Ricky Mandel and hung off the ring pole being nearly inaccessible.  Nick Madrid did well in his return to the Boys and Girls Club and seemed to mesh well with Ricky Mandel, which I hope is a sign of things to come.  While going for the Running of the Bulls on Ricky Mandel was able to launch Madrid out of the ring, setting up the final three men.

SoCal Crazy, Ricky Mandel and the 20th Entrant.  And then the entry that confused everyone, Chimaera.  Didn’t he leave to the WWE?  Didn’t he wrestle his last match for SoCal Pro at last year’s Rumble?  Wasn’t he latino?  It seemed Saturday, October 22nd 2011 will go down as a night of returns.  Chimaera returned to SoCal Pro Wrestling, ironically just hours before Super Dragon would return.  However something was different with this return.  This wasn’t the Original Chimaera.  At last year’s Rumble In Oceanside, Chimaera would team with B-Boy and SoCal Crazy to defeat The Canadians: The Ballard Brothers & Johnny Paradise. Chimaera would also take part of last years SoCal Rumble and the fans of SoCal Pro Wrestling would say good-bye.  Ricardo Rodriquez had been signed with the WWE so it was believed that Chimaera would wrestle his last match for SoCal Pro Wrestling.  “Chimaera” would eliminate SoCal Crazy and Ricky Mandel, to earn his shot at the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Title at a future show.   But who was in the mask?

Long Beach Comic-Con
For the third year in a row, Mach-1 Wrestling is infusing some spandex and grappling to the annual Comic Con event in Long Beach with their Wrath of Con 3 event this weekend.  This will mark the first Mach-1 Show since they left the American Sports Center in Anaheim back in September.  Rumor has it that the announcement is coming very soon with regards to the new home for M1W.  If you are going to the Comic Convetion in Long Beach this weekend, besides the wrestling show, Johnny Yuma will be at the Long Beach Comic Con at the Red Nation Apparel booth #1309A on Saturday October 29th signing autographs.  And on Sunday at noon, Mach-1 will be hosting the panel “Not So Strange Bedfellows: Pro Wrestling and Comics.”


Upcoming Events:

Lucha VaVavoom: Halloween “Ring of Terror” Night 1
Wednesday, October 26th 2011 • 8:00pm
Mayan Theatre
1038 South Hill St., Los Angeles
Tickets: $35 General Admission, $65 Premium

Lucha VaVavoom: Halloween “Ring of Terror” Night 2
Thursday, October 27th 2011 • 8:00pm
Mayan Theatre
1038 South Hill St., Los Angeles
Tickets: $35 General Admission, $65 Premium

Mach-1 Wrestling: Wrath of Con III
Saturday, October 29th 2011 • 5:00pm
Long Beach Convention Center
300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach
Tickets: Free with Admission to the Comic Con
Featuring: Mach-1 Heavyweight Title Match Jarek Matthew vs. Kyle Webb

Battleground Pro Wrestling : Pinky’s Playhouse
Saturday, October 29th 2011 • 7:30pm
American Legion Post #716
3252 Florista St. Los Alamitos
Tickets: $10
Featuring: Ring Warrior Champion B-Boy defends against Chris Kadillak and Seville Alvarez

New Wave Pro Wrestling:  Halloween Party
Sunday, October 30th 2011 • 4:00pm
Boys & Girls Club
4635 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego
Tickets: $15, Kids $10
Featuring:  6-Man Tag with the Rapid Division and Heavyweight Championships on the line

Legion Championship Wrestling: Fear of the Dark 2
Sunday, October 30th 2011 • 5:00pm
Casa Del Mexicano
2900 Pedro Infante St., Los Angeles
Tickets: $13, Kids $5, Students $8
Featuring:  Titso Escondido vs. Rico Dynamite

Lucha Pro Wrestling
Sunday, October 30th 2011 • 6:30pm
132 E. Florence Ave., Los Angeles
Tickets are $10, $3 for Kids
Fearing: Lucha Pro Champion Kayman and Lucha Pro Tag Champions American Straight Edge


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