ROH: Eight Man War in the City of Angels!


Ring of Honor is happy to announce that a huge Main Event has been officially signed for ROH’s debut in Los Angeles, CA on January 29, 2010 as part of the WrestleReunion 4 convention. This match brings together four of the hottest tag teams in Ring of Honor as they go toe-to-toe in 8-Man Tag Team action!As 2009 marked the return of Tag Team action to the wrestling forefront in ROH; 2010 looks to take it a step further. On January 29th, we will see the newly crowned 6-time ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe teaming up with The Young Bucks to battle the former champs The American Wolves and the reunited Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli! At “Final Battle 2009”, the Briscoes captured the ROH World Tag Titles for an unprecedented sixth time when they defeated Edwards and Richards live on iPPV. Immediately following the match, Hero and Castagnoli, themselves former champions, attacked the Briscoes, laid them out, and reunited the Kings of Wrestling. The battle between the Briscoes and the KoW continued in the locker room later that night and spilled out to ringside at the close of the Austin Aries-Tyler Black World Title match where Black and The Briscoes fought off their opponents.

The Briscoes were looking for immediate vengeance, wanting to meet the KoW at the HDNet tapings on January 8th & 9th in Philadelphia, but Hero and Castagnoli had already been booked to be in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH as part of the Global Tag League tournament. Was this an example of good timing on the KoW’s part or happy coincidence? That answer seems obvious.

“Them boys can’t hide forever!” said Jay Briscoe. “They gotta come back from Japan sometime, and from the look of things, Hero and Claudio will be back in town just in time to come to Californ-i-a. What do you say boys? You gonna nut up or what?”

Shane Hagadorn was quick to shoot down a Briscoes/KoW bout. “I don’t know if Jay Briscoe realizes this, but The Kings will only be home a few days before January 29th. That’s not enough time to recover from their grueling NOAH schedule, much less jetlag from that 18 hour flight. To expect Chris and Claudio to compete at their absolute best under those circumstances is ridiculous. Not to mention that the Wolves are in line for a rematch. I would suggest that ROH management come up with another offer because we flat out refuse to work under these conditions!”

After conferring once more with the Briscoes, ROH Officials came to the table with one more offer and instructed Hagadorn that his teams could accept it or none of them would be seeing California that weekend. And so the match is set. Jay & Mark Briscoe and The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves and The Kings of Wrestling, January 29th, Los Angeles, CA, Wrestle Reunion 4!!!

Mark Briscoe is ready for the bout, but not 100% happy. “It ain’t the match we were looking for, but any chance to whoop those four (expletive) is good to me! And the Bucks, man those boys can go, ain’t much better tag team partners we could get there. So to the Wolves, and to the Kings, you four (expletive) gonna regret coming to LA!”

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