Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Kurt Russellmania at Wrestlereunion 4 on Januar

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Kurt Russellmania at Wrestlereunion 4 on January 30, 2010!
By Silverback, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Staff Writer

December 28 – In just 33 days, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in association with Highspots presents Kurt Russellmania, live at the LAX Hilton as a part of Wrestlereunion 4! We are very proud to announce the four remaining matches that fans from around the world will have the pleasure of seeing live, in Los Angeles, on January 30, 2010!Overboard Tag Team Match
The Great Muta & KAI vs. “The Professional” Scott Lost & Joey Ryan

— Once in a while, an opportunity comes along where you would be foolish to pass it up. There may be some reason, say, a grudge with an old friend, that would make you think about letting that chance go by, but ultimately you know it would be insane not to seize it. That was the exact dilemma that faced on-again, off-again tag team partners Scott Lost and Joey Ryan and their proposed match up at Kurt Russellmania. The issues between Lost and Ryan are well documented, but the CliffsNotes version is:

Scott Lost and Joey Ryan were one of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s first successful, however Joey Ryan believed that he and his innate charisma was responsible for the team’s success, while Scott Lost believed he did most of the heavy lifting for his team, and that hard work was what won matches. Soon after they would part ways, but after three and a half years they would reunite to defeat a then up-and-coming tag team called The Young Bucks. After eighteen months of ups and downs, the relationship once again deteriorated, with Joey Ryan wrapped up in his quest to reclaim the World Championship, and Scott Lost left standing in his shadow.

Scott Lost and Joey Ryan’s last match together as a tag team was in May 2009, but since then Scott has actually defeated Joey in singles competition. Joey says there are no hard feelings about the loss, and that he is ready to put everything behind him if Scott is, too. Of course, with an opportunity of this magnitude at hand, Scott is ready to rejoin his old partner, though with a single caveat: Joey Ryan must be completely dedicated to their team.

Joey Ryan claims his singular focus is on defeating The Great Muta and KAI at Kurt Russellmania. Since The Great Muta and Bret Hart never crossed paths in WWF, Scott Lost is completely unaware of the challenge ahead of him. Scott did say “If he’s anything like that Hakushi guy, his weakness is a German Suplex reversal.” Luckily, Joey Ryan has seen enough WCW to know what a dangerous opponent Muta can be, and will do his best to catch Scott up before January 30. Joey was overheard saying “The first step is to do as few Stinger Splashes as possible.”

While they won’t be facing Hakushi, or even Kokushi Muso, Scott Lost and Joey Ryan will be facing a man with more in-ring experience than they have combined. As if the challenge of facing The Great Muta wasn’t daunting enough, Scott and Joey will also have to deal with the fastest rising star in All Japan Pro Wrestling, KAI. Though he lacks the experience of The Great Muta, KAI’s heart and determination will go a long way in making up for that. Intent on putting his best foot forward in his first appearance in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, you can guarantee KAI will do everything to make sure his team succeeds.

But will it be enough? If there is a weak link for Joey Ryan and Scott Lost to exploit, it is the relative inexperience of KAI. With just under three years of experience, KAI may fall victim to the veteran tricks of Scott Lost and Joey Ryan if he isn’t careful. Lucky for KAI, he will have one of the most enigmatic and unpredictable legends of the professional wrestling world at his side.

Tequila Sunrise Singles Match
Davey Richards vs. Super Crazy

— At the 2009 Battle of Los Angeles, the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship title was on the line in the tournament for the first time ever, and everyone wanted a shot at it That includes previous Battle of Los Angeles winner and former World Tag Team Champion Davey Richards, because if he won 2009’s tournament, he would become the first man in PWG history to hold both championships and the Battle of Los Angeles (twice), as well. However, there was one small problem: another tournament, honoring Minnesota Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson, was taking place the same weekend as the 2009 Battle of Los Angeles, and if Davey Richards loves one thing in life, it’s Minnesota Vikings football. While it was not an easy decision to make, Davey Richards decided that he may only get one chance to meet Adrian Peterson, but he’s such a bad-ass ass-kicker that he could kick the ass of whoever won the 2009 Battle of Los Angeles and take the World Championship later on.

As it turned out, Adrain Peterson wasn’t even involved in the tournament, and Davey Richards was so furious that he kicked everyone’s ass that weekend. Not only that, when he saw that Kenny Omega won the 2009 Battle of Los Angeles, Davey fell into a barely controllable rage that has been simmering ever since. Backed by those seemingly limitless reserves of anger, Davey Richards has one goal in mind: Kill everybody. If he’s going to work his way up to facing Kenny Omega and taking the World Championship, he’s going to have to kill a lot of people to get that shot. Or perhaps just a few people, and one high value target. Somebody who is a well-regarded veteran in wrestling, maybe even someone that’s had a bit of a professional renaissance in the last few months. Somebody like Super Crazy.

With no axe to grind and a “happy to be here” attitude, Super Crazy is heading in to Kurt Russellmania eager to be a part of the Wrestlereunion 4 weekend. Even though Crazy’s easy going attitude will be in direct conflict with Davey Richards’ mission of rage, Crazy’s not worried about it. He has years of experience dealing with angry guys that kick hard, and has been pretty successful countering it. Super Crazy is still looking forward to Kurt Russellmania, but you can guarantee he’s going to put in a little time at the dojo with an old friend of his before heading to Los Angeles on January 30.

Captain Ron Singles Match
Brian Kendrick vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

— Since returning to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in 2009, Brian Kendrick and Kevin Steen have experienced limited success at their former stomping grounds. Both men have been involved in some very high profile contests, though neither man has been able to put together a consistent string of victories. Granted, Kevin Steen has only been back since the 2009 Battle of Los Angeles, but two loses in two nights is not how “Mr. Wrestling” wanted to return. Brian Kendrick on the other hand managed to eek out victories over Austin Aries and two time former Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion Bryan Danielson, but the rest of his outings have resulted in losses. Therefore, a victory here would do a lot for either man as far as their standing in the title picture for 2010 goes. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen plans on using Brian Kendrick as a springboard back to top of the food chain in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, while no one is quite certain what Brian Kendrick, a true American wild child, wants to achieve in 2010 and beyond.

Tombstone Eight-Person Tag Team Match
The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler), Ryan Taylor, & Christina Von Eerie vs. Johnny Goodtime, Malachi “CK” Jackson, Candice LeRae, & Jerome “LTP” Robinson

Kurt Russellmania will also feature:

Sky High Three-Way Match
Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong vs. “The Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

Escape From LA Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match
The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson – Champions) vs. Human Tornado & Chuck Taylor (Challengers)

Big Trouble in Little China Singles Match
El Generico vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Stargate Singles Match
Brandon Bonham vs. Brandon Gatson

Kurt Russellmania takes place on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at the LAX Hilton as a part of Wrestlereunion 4, presented by Highspots. The LAX Hilton is located at 5711 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90045. Event information is available on the official Kurt Russellmania mini-site. Ticketing information for Kurt Russellmania and Wrestlereunion 4 can be found on the official Wrestlereunion 4 website Video recording devices are not permitted. Card subject to change.

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