NWA Pro presents AWS 5-Year Anniversary Preview

Next week another NWA Pro Wrestling Report will be released to cover all the exciting events going on across the globe including huge Wrestling Summit events in Phoenix, AZ and Kissimmee, FL as well as events in New Jersey, Mexico, Australia and throughout California.

This week, we pause to take a minute and congratulate our good friend Bart Kapitzke of the Alternative Wrestling Shop as he celebrates five years of bringing fans some of the most exciting action anywhere to be found at his monthly Alternative Wrestling Shows. Stars to pass through the AWS ring in its glorious history include: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Mil Mascaras, Rocky Romero, Samoa Joe, Kendo Kashin, Frankie Kazarian, Rey Misterio Sr., “Classic” Colt Cabana, Nozawa, La Parka, Blue Panther, Felino, Manny Fernandez, Konnan, Dos Caras, Kikuzawa, TARU and many more. AWS has also served as a proving ground and launching pad for nearly every major star to come through Southern California these past five years.
On behalf of all of us at NWA Pro Wrestling, we say “Thank you Bart!” and wish at least another 5 years of success to all those associated with the Alternative Wrestling Show!

And now for the huge line-up for the…


Sunday March 11, 2007
19650 E. San Jose Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748
Belltime: 1:00 P.M.

Special Main Event: 3-Ring, 60-Man WORLD WAR 3 BATTLE ROYAL!
What more can be said? Already confirmed participants:

1. Al Katrazz 18. Steve Pain 35. Chance Prophet
2. Disco Machine 19. Cameron Wallis 36. Enigma de Oro
3. Ray Murillo 20. Jerome Robinson 37. Johnny Webb
4. Human Tornado 21. Johnny Paradise 38. Sexy Chino
5. Donnie Tsunami 22. Bobby Jo Marshall 39. Damian Slater
6. Matt Jackson 23. Kid Karnage 40. Swoop Johnson
7. Kayam 24. Ryan Taylor 41. Charles Mercury
8. TJ Perkins 25. Xtreme Loco 42. Nick Jackson
9. Ron Kilbourn 26. The Step-Father 43. Dan Kobrick
10. Navaho Warrior 27. Sonny Samson 44. Black Metal
11. Bo Cooper 28. Hawaiian Lion 45. Lil’ Cholo
12. Zokre 29. Sean Bateman 46. Dino Winwood
13. Preston Scott 30. Phoenix Star 47. King Jakal
14. Diablo Rojo 31. Webster Dauphiney 48. Markus Riot
15. Ronnie Tsunami 32. Karl Anderson 49. Ronin
16. Randy Rocket 33. Jay Garland 50. Danny Faviano
17. Topgun Talwar 34. Nemesis 51. Rocky Romero

Plus 9 more NWA Superstars! And if some special guests show up, will this be MORE than a 60-Man Battle Royal? Come out and see history be made!

NWA Pro Tag Team Title Match
Champions: The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
Challengers: Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Joey Ryan

– Two teams who were both successful in their endeavors at The Wrestling Summit will collide at the AWS Arena. The Young Bucks have been on a tremendous roll capturing the NWA Pro Tag Team Titles in early February in a 4-corners match, then setting the exciting tone for the night in Las Vegas winning another 4-corners match. Karl Anderson & Joey Ryan won one the biggest matches of their careers in Las Vegas by defeating Los Luchas (Phoenix Star y Zokre) in a heated flag match. The Bucks have no intention of being short-lived champions while Anderson & Ryan claim it as their birthright to represent NWA Pro as Tag Team Champions.

NWA Pro LA Light Heavyweight Title Match
Champion: Disco Machine
Challenger: Lil’ Cholo

– Former Champion Lil’ Cholo demanded one last shot at reigning champion Disco Machine after their February title match that saw Disco once again win a match with assistance from the ropes. If this truly is Cholo’s last chance at the belt, can he take the title home or will Disco Machine continue to be winning machine at AWS?

Special Attraction Mixed Tag
Los Chivos (Kayam y Enigma de Oro) y Piratita Morgan vs.
Los Luchas (Phoenix Star y Enigma de Oro) y Octagoncito

– Luchadors and mini-luchadors! Thank you Bart! Thank you Bart!

Grudge Match
Human Tornado, Bo Cooper & Sexy Chino vs.
Team Australia (Bobby Jo Marshall, Cameron Wallis & Damian Slater)

– Human Tornado’s well-documented feud with Bobby Jo Marshall took another turn at the last AWS Event when Marshall’s countrymen Cameron Wallis & Damien Slater interfered in their tag team matchup allowing Marshall to get the pin on Torado. Tornado issued the challenge to all three knowing that someone in the AWS locker room would have his back. Someone did in the form of former Tag Team Champions Bump-N-Grind (Bo Cooper & Sexy Chino). Three rings might not be enough to hold this one!

Challenge Match
Al Katrazz (w/Vander Pyle) vs. Markus Riot
– Markus Riot said that he challenged Al Katrazz to prove that he is a man. Vander Pyle made Markus prove that he could handle a match with a man twice his size by pitting him against Ray “Boom Boom” Murillo. When Riot got the pin out of nowhere, Vander Pyle said that Markus could get his match with Al Katrazz. Then in a scene reminiscent of Markus’ lone WSX appearance, Vander Pyle kicked Riot slightly lower then regulation and walked away laughing. If Riot can pull off the upset over the monster Al Katrazz, Vander Pyle may never laugh again.

Women’s Match
Nikki vs. Morgan
– Nikki has been on a one-woman mission to restore pride to the SoCal women’s wrestling scene. Feeling that she has already defeated every female wrestler of note in the area, Nikki invited Phoenix’s Morgan to City of Industry for this Sunday’s event. Will Nikki continue her roll or will the visiting Morgan make her self at home with an impressive road victory?

We hope to see you all at the event. 5 great years have lead to this one afternoon of action! Minis, ladies, titles and grudges plus one more match T.B.D. And of course, the big one – 3 Ring, 60 Man World War III Battle Royal! All matches are subject to change, but they are also subject to blowing you away!