Battle Ground Pro 3/10/07 in Newhall, “Our March Show”!

Official Preview for Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Saturday March 10, 2007 in Newhall, CA!

Well, the Battle Ground Rumble came and went, and in the ashes of the aftermath has emerged a NEW challenger to the Battle Ground Pro Heavyweight Title currently around the waist of “The Rock Superstar” Kaos…and that man is none other than THE STEPFATHER! Stepdaddy is a veteran of the So Cal mat wars who combines brute strength, blunt force trauma, and the adoration of the BiG Pro fans into a winning combination!
Battleground Pro returns on Sat March 10th with a triple main event of three HUGE title matches!Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title Match: “The Rock Superstar” Kaos w/Jezabel (C) vs. The Stepfather w/The Stepfamily.“The Rock Superstar” has been the Battle Ground Pro Wrestling champion since January, and has yet to defend that title. On Saturday March 10th he steps into the BiG Pro ring for the first time as champion and defends against the big, bad, Stepfather! Stepdaddy outlasted 24 other competitors in route to winning the Battle Ground Rumble last month, and now he gets the title shot he has rightfully earned. Can he ride that momentum into this title match and make Kaos’ reign at the top short and bitter sweet, or will the champ reach into his extensive bag of dirty tricks to best the big man?

Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: The Dogs of War (“Mr. X5” Extreme Loco & Crayz) w/Commissioner Jason Bennett (C) vs. 300% Brawlers (“Brawlin” Bo Cooper & “Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro).
The war is ON, my friends. The war I speak of, of course, is the one brewing for the past two months between Commissioner Jason Bennett, his henchmen, and the popular tandem of former heavyweight champion Bo Cooper and his friend and fellow local Brandon Nitro. Both men have a score to settle with Joey Harder, and the Commissioner has outright refused to give either man a match! Cooper and Nitro took it upon themselves to crash the Dogs victory party last month and issue a challenge to the tag champs. Bennett begrudgingly agreed to this match, and has instructed his men to make sure that when the dust clears NOTHING remains of Cooper and Nitro but a pile of bones!

Battle Ground Pro Wrestling MAX Title Match: “Marvelous” Markus Riot (C) vs. “The Silent Assassin” Joey Harder w/Commissioner Jason Bennett.
Markus Riot is on fire! The popular young star retained his title last month in a thriller over Disco Machine and continued his winning streak. Joey Harder is a man who is yet to taste defeat in Battle Ground Pro Wrestling, the only wrestler there to be able to boast such a claim (but the Silent one does no boasting, rather he leaves that up to his manager, Commissioner Jason Bennett). Joey Harder has also been a roll lately, not only racking up one victory after another, but also costing Bo Cooper his title! The Commish has decided it’s time for “The Silent Assassin” to add some gold to his resume. Can Markus end the undefeated streak, or will Joey emerge with the gold?

Hook Bomberry vs. Li’l Cholo.
Two of Battle Ground Pro’s hardest hitting competitors go one on one for the first time in a long time! Hook came within inches of unseating Markus Riot for the MAX title back in January, and Cholo put on an impressive performance last month at the Rumble entering #2 and lasting over 45 minutes to be one of the final four men in the ring. Cholo also got one of the strongest crowd reactions of the night with the BiG Pro Arena faithful chanting his name. Hook’s attitude has seen some changes over the past several months, and he appears less concerned with the fans and much more concerned with dishing out punishment. Can this new killer instinct overcome the popular “Pride of Anaheim”?

The Young Bucks (Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay) vs. Midnight Dynamite (Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise)-NO DQ, NO COUNTOUT, NO TIME LIMIT, LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH!
Could it be? Could the longest running feud in Battle Ground Pro Wrestling FINALLY be coming to an end? You’re damn right it is. After costing the Young Bucks the tag team titles for the second time, it’s come down to this. The Bucks called Commissioner Bennett and laid out the challenge, the final battle to settle the score between these two long warring factions. No time limit. No disqualification. No count outs…and the losers must leave Battle Ground Pro Wrestling…FOREVER!!

Triple Threat to determine the #1 contender to the Battle Ground Pro MAX Title: Chimaera vs. Infernal vs. Junior Old School.
Highflying action abound! Infernal, the former Lucha Libre Champion (the title that became the MAX title) is looking to rebound from that loss and reclaim the gold. Chimaera is a young up and comer who, when he shows up, has shown some great motives and some greater potential. Junior Old School, or Swoop Johnson (depending on who you ask, him or ring announcer Ben Tomas) is a young man with a chip on his shoulder bigger than him. When reached for comment, he claimed, “I’ll take out both of those masked fools, then whether it’s Markus or Joey Harder I’m taking that belt!”

“The Role Model” Preston Scott w/Ray “Boom-Boom” Murillo vs. Foob Dogg w/”The Wholesome Hero” JT Hyatt.
All four of these men met last month in a tag team battle, and epic battle that not only saw Foob Dogg body slam the enormous “Boom-Boom”, but also saw the villains employ a steel chair to the cranium of the popular Foob Dogg to secure the victory! Foob, incensed at being cheated in this way challenged Preston to a one on one, a challenge that Preston reluctantly accepted. Each man will have their respective partners in their corners. Will this be the end of this war…or just the beginning?

The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard) vs. Devilishly Sexy (“Sexy” Sonny Samson & Diablo).
Who doesn’t love true tag team action between two teams with extensive experience teaming together? The art and the science of tag team warfare will be brought to new heights in Battle Ground Pro when one of the most respected veteran teams on the scene, the Ballard Brothers, return to BiG Pro for the first time in months to take on a team that has their eyes on a legacy of their own. Devilishly Sexy showed they are a team to be taken very seriously in their fatal four-way match back in Dec. The two cocky (bad term to use, maybe?) gentlemen hailing from the Brokeback Mountains feel that a victory over the Ballards is their key to the top in BiG Pro. This will be a match to see, even if Devilishly Sexy make you feel a little dirty…

Battle Ground Pro Wrestling takes place at the American Legion Hall 24527 Spruce St. in Newhall, CA on Saturday March 10th. Tickets are $10 for adults, and $5 for kids. Doors open at 7:30, and the show always starts promptly at 8pm. We have a full service concession stand with snacks, soft drinks, and beer.

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