PWG Presents ”Threemendous” on July 16, 2006!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer
Pismo Beach, CA – Has it really been three years since Pro Wrestling Guerrilla ( made it’s debut in the world of professional wrestling? Well, to be quite honest, at the time of writing, it was still a few weeks short of PWG’s third anniversary, but there is excitement in the air as the date fast approaches. The man who will be presiding over this event is none other than Commissioner Dino Winwood, though it may prove to be a dubious honor, due to Dino’s problems with The Dynasty (Scorpio Sky, PWG World Champion Joey Ryan, and PWG World Tag Team Champions Chris Bosh & Scott Lost.) The Dynasty believe that because they hold all the titles, they are above the law in PWG, as evidenced by their actions against Super Dragon, Frankie Kazarian, and Davey Richards, just to name a few. Dino has done everything within his power to prevent The Dynasty from running roughshod over PWG, with very limited success. However, Dino has seen a glimmer of hope in a man who has been repeatedly denied his shot at the PWG title, a man who has fallen victim to The Dynasty’s politics and mind games, a man named B-Boy.B-Boy has made it clear to Commissioner Winwood that all he wants is a fair shot at Joey Ryan. He’s played by the rules, won all the right matches, and still Joey Ryan was able to dodge him. However, B-Boy caught a huge break at “From Parts Well Known,” where he defeated Scott Lost in a match that would allow B-Boy, in a match of his chosing, to face Joey Ryan at PWG Third Anniversary Show, “Threemendous.” Dino’s glimmer of hope soon became a beam of light when B-Boy announced he would be facing Joey Ryan on July 16 in a Steel Cage Match where anything is legal! To insure that this is a contest between two men, there will be two officials present in this match; One inside the cage, and one outside to prevent any outside interference. There will be weapons, plunder, if you will, inside the cage, and to win the match you must pin, knock out, or submit your opponent. This means neither man will have any reason to leave the cage, nor for anyone else to enter until the conclusion of the match. For B-Boy, a victory here would not only be literal, but psychological as well. Joey has been able to dodge B-Boy for months, but inside the cage, with the title on the line, there is nowhere else to run.

Another man who has been able to avoid paying the piper, as it were, is Joey Ryan’s stablemate, Scorpio Sky. In early May, Scorpio Sky viciously assaulted Frankie Kazarian, and as the ultimate insult, cut off Kazarian’s trademark ponytail. Since then, Kazarian has been unable to exact a satisfactory measure of revenge on Sky, and “Threemendous” was meant to be Kazarian’s chance. However, due to a scheduling conflict with Frankie’s “totally neat adventure,” he will not be in attendence at “Threemendous,” and Sky will not be forced to own up for his actions. However, Commissioner Winwood, citing “the best interest of the fans” clause in the PWG bylaws, decided that Frankie Kazarian will get his shot at Scorpio Sky, but there is an added incentive for both men, since the match takes place in the first round of the 2006 Battle of Los Angeles!

Since Sky has dodged the vaguely Kazarian shaped bullet, he will team up with Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) at “Threemendous” to take on the trio of Human Tornado, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, and Davey Richards! Tornado, who was injured by Scorpio Sky earlier this year, has come up short against The Dynasty each time since his return. Tired of being constantly outnumbered by The Dynasty, Tornado decided to look for someone else who may have an axe to grind, and frankly, he didn’t have to look that hard. Kevin Steen, who lost to Scorpio Sky last month thanks to Jade Chung, and Davey Richards, who lost the PWG World Tag Team titles to Arrogance, and then was cost the PWG World Championship by The Dynasty, were both more than happy to get another shot at Bosh, Lost, and Sky. Now that Dino has given them the opportunity, will Tornado, Richards and Steen be able to put aside the individual grudges to get even? We will find out on July 16!

Also taking place on Sunday, July 16 at “Threemendous” at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC:

– The Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero) vs. The Bricoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

TJ Perkins vs. Roderick Strong

– Cape Fear (El Generico & Quicksilver) vs. Disco Machine & Nemesis

– “Classic” Colt Cabana vs. Top Gun Talwar

Plus Alex Koslov, Excalibur, Ronin, Commissioner Dino Winwood and more!

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “Threemendous” takes place at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 5PM. The Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC is located at 1110 Bates Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029. Tickets are $20 each, and will be available at the door. For more information, please visit or email