Revolution Pro March 6th

A huge weekend of Pro Wrestling kicks off with Revolution Pro’s March 6th show at Frank and Sons. This show, with a stacked card featuring all three titles on the line, in three much anticipated matches. The first time meeting between Heavyweight champ Babi Slymm and Super Dragon, Scorpio Sky getting his rematch for the Junior Title, and La Familia de Tijuana/Mexico’s Most Wanted will defend their Tag Team titles against two young stars from Japan. Plus the invasion of two of the best entertainers ever to step foot in a wrestling ring, from one of the top independent promotions in Japan, Osaka Pro, Ebessan and Kuishinbo Kamen. Revolution Pro presents…
Saturday – March 6th, 2004

Main Event:
Revolution Pro Heavyweight Championship
Babi Slymm (c)
Super Dragon

-For as long as most fans can remember, Super Dragon has proven to be possibly the strongest and toughest men in Revolution Pro. Dragon as also became the most decorated wrestler, being a two time Jr. Heavyweight champion, two time Pride of the Mask Champion, having made it to the finals of all three Revolution J’s, as well as being the only Revolution Pro star to win a Mask let alone two, Shogun’s and TARO’s. With all that being said, what is the one thing he has yet to achieve? The title that has been around Revolution Pro since the beginning, way before there was a Jr. title, before a Rev J….the Revolution Pro Heavyweight Championship, formally known as the Mexican Lucha Libre Heavyweight Title and now known as the Blacksican Bling Bling Championship being held by Babi Slymm. Slymm won this title after a 133 day run by Shamu Jr. on Dec 20th 2003 to the delight of the crowd. Babi Slymm since making his debut as a regular in Rev Pro has slowly climbed the ranks and proving himself, including teaming with Kenny King in the Tag Tournament last year. This match however will be Slymm’s toughest opponent yet if not ever. Last month a tag match took place between Slymm and his partner King against Super Dragon and Phoenix Star. In this match Dragon tried to use the same offence he has him most of his opponents, to dominate them with force, yet unlike ever before Dragon was met by Slymm’s power and size and was caught off guard. Slymm was even able to knock Dragon out flat with a shot to Dragon’s head, which not to many people can say they have done. Dragon did get the victory over King, but Babi Slymm took the opportunity of a hurt Dragon after the match to attack him and call him out. A couple a weeks later at the Alternative Wrestling Shop (AWS) show in January during the main event (Hardkore Kidd/Al Katrazz/Adam Pearce vs. Super Dragon/Excalibur/Disco Machine), Babi Slymm jumped in the ring and again attacked Dragon allowing Hardkore Inc to get the victory of Super Dragon while Slymm celebrated and told the crowd that Dragon is no challenge to Slymm’s title on March 6th. So the stage is set for this Main Event. Will the loser of this contest fall hard at the defeat? or is this just the beginning between these two viscous commentators?

Semi Main Event:
Revolution Pro Junior Heavyweight Championship
Rising Son vs. Scorpio Sky

-Not much has to be said about this contest as everyone is aware of these two men’s history. This will be Scorpio Sky’s first shot at the Jr. Title after losing it to Rising Son at the December Revolution X show during a ladder match. As both men climbed the ladder and reached for the title, Son grabbed the mask of Scorpio Sky causing Sky to fall hard off the ladder to protect his face as Son got the belt and became the champion. About a week later, after seeing a doctor about an injury sustained in that contest, Sky underwent emergency surgery to correct a problem within his abdomen sidelining him since. Sky made his return to the ring a week ago to get that ring rust gone for this big match. Rising Son has been running ramped since winning the title including forming a team known as Aggressive Thrill Attraction with Chris Bosh and Disco Machine. This match is huge for both these men and if their past is any evidence, when they collide, no one can predict what will happen.

Revolution Pro/Osaka Pro Showcase:
Ebessan/Human Tornado vs. Kuishinbo Kamen/TopGun Talwar

-Ever since the beginning of Rev Pro it has treated it’s fans with a taste of the orient from time to time. Being the first promotion in So-Cal to showcase the likes of NOSAWA, Kikuzawa, Sanshiro Takagi and Morita. Now again Revolution Pro is privileged to be the first in Southern California to have to of the most entertaining men to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. Kuishinbo Kamen and Ebessan have teamed and feuded throughout Osaka Pro and have entertained fans of Japan for years. No real words can give justice to these two as they are a sight to see. They will be put with two of Revolution Pro’s entertaining personalities. TopGun Talwar, the pesky fighter pilot who explodes with every entrance using intensity, perversion and steroids teaming with the only clown in the world who can do a Skytwister, Kuishinbo Kamen. The Human Tornado, who debuted at the 4year Anniversary show and has delighted crowds since with his unexplainable antics as he teams with the Bamboo carrying Ebessan. A tag team match to end all tag team matches. If you miss this? Yes you know it, you will never forgive yourself!
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International Tag Team Collision
Revolution Pro Tag Team Championship:
“La Familia de Tijuana/Mexico’s Most Wanted”
Halloween/Damian 666
“Osaka Pro Team”
Tigers Mask/Black Tigers

-Halloween and Damian 666 come back from their tour around the world defending the Tag Titles to enter into this international affair. The original match had two of L.A.’s local luchadors going for the titles before Commissioner Cuppernell heard that two of Japan’s youngest stars where going to be in town. The new match was signed and here it is. Osaka Pro’s Tigers Mask and Black Tigers will debut in Rev Pro in a big way getting a title shot. These two have been lighting up Osaka Pro for sometime. Black Tigers is a young star from here in the states that has found a place in Japan as a mat technician during tours with Osaka and a short stint in All Japan, he was also trained by Dean Melenko. Tigers Mask is a young sensation that makes all the Japanese fans who see him go crazy, a quick junior that can be just as viscous on the mat as he is in the air. These two men, who will be making their Southern California debuts have teamed as well as feuded and know each other very well, but can they be a cohesive team that Mexico’s Most Wanted has shown to be? March 6th will tell.
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“Aggressive Thrill Attraction”
Disco Machine/”Photogenic” Chris Bosh
Quick Silver/Phoenix Star

-The hatred between the Aggressive Thrill Attraction and the AXP continues to escalate here with this contest. The Veteran/Rookie team of Disco Machine and Chris Bosh challenged Quick Silver to a handicap match due to the fact that his AXP teammate Scorpio Sky was is in the Semi Main Event vying for the Jr. Title. Quick Silver, with the knowledge of how the ATA operate knew he couldn’t go into that match giving them that much of an advantage. He made a call to fellow Dojomate, Phoenix Star who didn’t yet have a match for the 6th. Phoenix decided to help Quick Silver since he has been very disturbed at the actions of the ATA as of late. This also gives Phoenix the chance to get revenge on Chris Bosh who beat him in the finals of the seconded installment of the Fight For The Revolution. To the trained eye the advantage seems to be in Disco and Bosh’s favor as they have been teaming up for some time as they came very close to defeating the AXP in the Tag Tournament this past summer. Four of the best Rev Pro has to offer in one ring, with much fuel to this fire, the ring just might explode.

Loser Leaves Revolution Pro:
Xtreme Loco vs. El Mongol

-At the last show after Xtreme Loco got the pin on Mongol in a tag match he went, well loco. He starting nailing everyone involved with a chair until Mongol fought back and ended up putting Loco though a table. Commissioner Cuppernell could not stand for this. In Revolution Pro these kind of actions are not sanctioned. Therefore, as the Cumish started, “if these two want to do it like that, then they can, but the loser has to leave and go be with my bother Dale!” Well the first part was understandable, I didn’t even know he had a bother Dale, so this match was signed. Loser Leaves Rev Pro. Xtreme Loco has just been going nuts since the last show and his condition just got worse after his lost to Slymm for the Heavyweight Title at the last AWS show. He has been running all over So-Cal through walls, burning trees, trains, he even was seen chasing cars on the 710 Freeway! While Mongol is still recovering from his chain match from the last Rev X show. No matter how you look at it none of these men want to leave Rev Pro and will be damned if they will lose this match.

Zokre vs. Ronin

-Two young lions collide here as this is Ronin’s first big test. Ronin won the third Fight For The Revolution at the last show by defeating Johnny Paradise. So does Ronin get an easy opponent for his first match as a Revolution Pro regular? No way! His opponent is the ever so quick Zokre, who has continued to wow crowds across the country with his acrobatic and lucha libre style as well as been seen on the nationally syndicated Urban Latino TV. At first glance Ronin maybe look like he is very well trained in the form of Strong Style, which he his, but don’t let that fool you as he is also trained in Lucha Libre and will be coming into this match after scouting Zokre on the latest Rudos Media releases, which can be obtained at Both of these men can elevate themselves using each other, but only the winner will climb another rung while the loser has to go back to the dojo to hone his skills for his next fight.

“Los Sanchos”
Angel/American Wild Child
Charles Mercury/R2K

-Angel will be making his return since an injury put him on the shelf late last year. He returns to team with his Sancho teammate AWC to take on two of So-Cal’s rising stars. Charles Mercury, who lost in round two of the third FFTR, has been lighting up rings throughout California and quickly gaining a fan base. His partner R2K has been raising eyebrows around town for the last couple of years without having that breakout chance, a win over the Sanchos would be big for both these men’s careers, if they can stay away from Angel’s strange antics.

Bell Time is 2:00pm

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