PCW Returns March 26th

Friday, March 26, Pacific Championship Wrestling is proud to return to the SoCal scene when we present, “More Bang For Your Buck.” For the fan friendly low price of $5, fans will get to see the long anticipated match between Mike Vega and Super Dragon, the crowning of a new champion, and the respect of three teammates pitted against themselves with gold hanging in the balance. It all goes down at the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace, located at 1440 Anaheim Blvd. in the city of Anaheim. For fans that have attended a Marketplace show before, this event will take place in the indoor arena.In an exciting tag team opener, the team of Infernal and Steve Pain will take on The Ariel Express. Scorpio Sky and Quicksilver have been dominating the Southern California tag team division for the better part of the last year or so, but how will they match up against the two young Luchadors?

Since this event is happening at the Anaheim Marketplace, PCW has decided to have a match between two superstars who call this venue their home, Silver Tyger and Chippy Sanchez. Both of these young men have been wrestling at the Marketplace for quite some time, and are very familiar with each other’s styles. Who will come out on top?

Lil’ Cholo and “American Zero” Steve Sanchez will step in the ring with each other for the first time since PCW’s “When Stars Collide” held more than a year ago at the Commerce Casino. At that event, the two were in a three-way dance that also involved B-Boy. In that match, B-Boy pinned Lil’ Cholo following a nail in the coffin, then Sanchez was able to get the best B-Boy with a Tiger bomb. The American Zero feels this makes him a better wrestler than Cholo, but the Best of the West champion just might prove him wrong.

On the 26th, PCW will crown a new champion. Unfortunately for us, The Messiah has scheduling conflicts the night of the show, so PCW has had no choice but to strip him of the world title. To crown a new champion, there will be a 15-man Ballroom Blitz match. In this match, four wrestlers will start. When a wrestler is pinned, submits, gets disqualified, is counted out, or is thrown over the top rope, he is eliminated. Every time a man is eliminated, another man will enter, until all 15 wrestlers have entered the match. Once the match is down to two competitors, it becomes a one on one match for the PCW Heavyweight Championship.&! nbsp; Due to the high interest among SoCal superstars to become involved in this match, no participants will be announced until they step through the curtain to enter the match on March 26th.

Damage Inc. will defend the PCW Tag Team Championship against the Ballard Brothers. Preston Scott and Matrix have worked hard defending their belts since they defeated the Backseat Boys for the belts in a match that also went down at the Anaheim Marketplace. They face a massive challenge against a team who has gotten very “big” in the past year. Now that the Ballards have lost their jerseys, they are on a mission to confuse every SoCal fan as to which one is Shane. For the uninformed Fan, Shane is the pasty white one. Will the Ballards top Damage Inc.? Will Jason Bennett make the difference? Find out at the Anaheim Marketplace.

In a battle of three close friends, The X Foundation will face each other in a three-way dance. Joey Ryan is the MAXimum Champion, and it’s possible the other two are a bit jealous. As good of friends as they are, there might be reasons for each one to want the title. Joey is said to be jealous of Scotty’s time in Toryumon. Funky Billy Kim is said to be feeling abandoned since he wasn’t invited to take part in Scott and Joey’s business venture. Scott is said to be envious of Joey’s boyish good looks. Joey has to feel the heat knowing he is going in as the one who has a title at stake. Will things get out of control?

Super Dragon is finally going to get his hands on “Canadian North Star” Mike Vega. This started when Dragon said a few disparaging things about PCW, and Vega took it upon himself to fight back. Vega said some unsavory things about Dragon’s girlfriend, which infuriated Dragon. Dragon then saw Vega in the crowd at the Best of the Best tournament, and refused to compete if Vega was in the crowd. Vega swallowed his pride to issue a half hearted apology, and Dragon wrestled. Both men knew it wasn’t a sincere apology, and Dragon gave Vega a Psycho Driver at the next PCW show. At that point PCW was behooved to book a match up between the ! two wrestlers, but shortly before our last show Mike Vega backed out of the match. Vega gave a lot of reasons for backing out, but the fans knew it was all hogwash when Vega sat in the crowd that night as B-Boy took his place against Dragon. PCW has told Vega he will wrestle Super Dragon on the 26th, or never wrestle on a PCW show again. Given the limited number of feds who book Mike Vega, he has had no choice but to accept this match.

We here at PCW hope that all the fans who have supported us in the past will continue to do so, as we are offering the show at a very low price, and want to put our best foot forward. For $5, you can’t go wrong. We hope to see everyone there.

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