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By Todd Keneley

UPW gears up for its biggest year ever!

Happy new year everybody! After stuffing ourselves over the holidays, everyone at Ultimate Pro Wrestling is back to business like never before. 2004 promises to be the most action packed year in UPW history. Speaking of history, a celebration five years in the making will rock Southern California wrestling fans on February 20. It is on this historic night that UPW celebrates five years of brawls, babes, and bodyslams as we present our 5th Anniversary Spectacular! The event, a benefit for the Orangewood Children’s Foundation, will take place at the premier venue for independent wrestling, The Grove of Anaheim. UPW is known for celebrating its anniversary in grand style. Last year’s 4th Anniversary show saw the return of former UPW favorites and current WWE Superstars John Cena and Victoria. Rumor has it that UPW is fast at work to ensure that this year’s spectacular delivers even more surprises and dream matches. 7 Huge matches have already been signed with more to come. Each week we will take a closer look at the battles which will make February 20 a night that UPW fans will never forget. Make sure to take a look at the bottom of The Weekly Wire for the current match listing.UPW presents “Creation” this Saturday!

As I mentioned before, 2004 will be a very busy year for UPW and our fans. One of the biggest reasons for this is the debut of dynamic new monthly live events known as “Mat Wars”. These unique shows will place an emphasis on pulse pounding action over glitz and glamour. “Mat Wars” events will place UPW fans in the intimate setting of The Raw Center. This location is the heart and soul of UPW as it houses our esteemed training center, Ultimate University. It is here that the champions of tomorrow are created. For that reason, it is fitting that the first event in this exciting new series is titled “Creation”. In fact, a new champion will be created this Saturday, as “Creation” will feature a tournament to crown the first ever UPW Mat Wars Champion. The new title is unique in that it is not limited to a particular weight class or gender. The eight hungry young competitors who will battle for the belt include Lil’ Nate, Tony Stradlin, Jason Creed, Andrew Hellman, Antonio Mestre, and Lionheart. UPW Women’s Champion Erica Porter will also enter the fray as the lone female with aspirations of walking away with double gold. The final competitor is Mike “The Miz” Mizanin of MTV’s The Real World fame. Mike will have to survive a whole new type of “Gauntlet” if he hopes to emerge victorious this time out. The event will also feature a one on one encounter between former UPW Champion Mikey Henderson and Skulu. Both have become international stars representing UPW while competing in the Zero-One promotion in Japan. This promises to be a highly physical and entertaining match. In tag team action, 8-time former Tag Team Champions, The Ballard Brothers will face the explosive combination of UPW Lightweight Champion Frankie Kazarian and talented Ultimate University graduate James Lukash. Also, in a preview of the Huge 10-man tag team match which will take place at the 5th Anniversary Spectacular, Sabbath and Ma’koa representing “Team Savage” will take on Shawn Riddick and Tommy Wilson who represent ”The University”. Who will gain the all-important momentum heading in to the mammoth clash on February 20? Make sure you check out “Creation” live this Saturday to find out. Tickets are only $5! You can’t beat that with a stick…or a steel chair for that matter!

Tables, ladders, & Chairs…Oh My!!!

Speaking of steel chairs, they are just one of three dangerous items which will be as legal as a wristlock when Harkore Inc. defends the UPW Tag Team Titles against The Ballard Brothers in the first ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to take place in and out of a UPW ring on February 20 at The Grove. What many consider to be the most violent and competitive rivalry in UPW history will reach its climax in this brutal battle. There is a lot of bad blood between these feuding factions.

It all began this time last year at UPW’s Fourth Anniversary show. On that night, Hardkore Kidd, Alkatrazz, and their devious manager El Jefe established themselves as a thorn in the sides of Shannon and Shane Ballard as they blatantly interfered in the Ballard’s title defense. Hardkore Inc. made a habit of making life a living hell for the then Tag Team Champions. Shannon and Shane had reached their boiling point and agreed to put the titles on the line against Hardkore Inc. in a Tables match at “Entertainment Overload”. Hardkore Inc. won the titles amidst controversy in a wild battle. The new Tag Team Champions struck a deal with UPW’s crooked Commissioner Pete Doyle that would prevent The Ballard Brothers from receiving a much-deserved rematch. At UPW’s last big live event, “Possession” the self proclaimed fighting champions issued a gauntlet challenge and boasted that they would face three teams in succession. The stipulation was that if any of the teams could beat the champs, they would receive a title shot at UPW’s 5th Anniversary Spectacular. Hardkore Inc. disposed of team #1 Antonio Mestre and James Lukash despite a gutsy effort by the talented youngsters. Team #2 ended up being popular masked Lucha Libre duo, Los Chivos. Although Enigma de Oro and Kayam gave it their all, Harkore Kidd and Alkatrazz once again looked dominant in victory. The final team, Los Payasos Locos also came to the ring wearing masks in addition to some outlandish attire. After a few minutes of fast paced action, it looked as if Hardkore Inc. was going to score the clean sweep. All of a sudden, two individuals with paper bags over their heads and wearing only underwear made their way onto the stage. This distracted Hardkore Inc. allowing their masked opponents to sneak up and score a shocking pinfall victory over the champions. The members of Hardkore Inc. were clearly embarrassed and livid at what had happened. The unlikely new #1 contenders removed their masks to reveal themselves as none other than The Ballard Brothers! Shannon and Shane then handed the masks to the two men on the stage that turned out to be the real “Payasos Locos”. The Ballards had gotten the best of them in the back, pulled a fast one on Hardkore Inc. and had earned the rematch with against all odds. Everything was right in the world for the Ballards, or was it?

An enraged Hardkore Kidd stormed Commissioner Doyle’s office looking for answers. Doyle stated that per the stipulation of Hardkore Inc’s challenge, by defeating Hardkore Inc. in the gauntlet match, The Ballards had indeed earned a title shot. Although he could not change that, Doyle continued claiming that he does have the power to select the stipulations for the Tag Team Title match at The Grove. Since Hardkore Inc. defeated Shannon and Shane in a Tables Match, Doyle vowed to stack the deck even higher in the favor of the Champions by not only allowing tables, but chairs and ladders as well. It was then that Commissioner Doyle singed the first ever UPW Tag Team Title Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for February 20. Doyle then decided to book The Ballard Brothers in a “warm up match” that night against the monstrous team of Ruckus and Apocalypse. The contest came to an end as Hardkore Inc. hit the ring hell bent on revenge. They leveled both Ballards with chairs. Alkatrazz used his “Lockdown” choke slam to put one of the Ballards through a table. Hardkore Kidd hurled himself off of a ladder to leave the other Ballard lying in the splinters of another broken table. Hardkore Inc. had sent a message. At UPW’s 5th Anniversary Spectacular, will The Ballard Brothers once again fall victim to Hardkore Inc’s brand of brutality, or will they give the Champions a taste of their own medicine and climb the ladder to claim the coveted gold yet again? One thing is for certain; this one will not be for the faint of heart!

Predator vs Shamrock, Who is The Most Dangerous Man?

The eyes of the professional wrestling and mixed martial arts worlds will be on The Grove of Anaheim on February 20 for a historic battle between two warriors with storied careers. On that night, Sylvester “The Predator” Terkay will battle the legendary Ken Shamrock. Predator who constantly searches for tough competition issued a challenge to Ken Shamrock. Never one to back down from a fight, Shamrock appeared in person at “Possession” to accept. You could cut the tension with a knife as Predator and Shamrock exchanged heated words and glares. The powder keg is set to explode at UPW’s 5th Anniversary Spectacular when these two finally get it on. Both competitors are highly decorated and are well versed in various forms of combat.

Predator enters this clash riding a wave of momentum. He was the first man to ever hold the UPW Heavyweight Title. Prior to that, he was a force in the college ranks, winning the prestigious NCAA National Championship in the Heavyweight Division on two occasions. During this time, he stepped on to the mat and did battle with none other than 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist and current WWE Superstar Kurt Angle. Predator has also been known to raise some hell in The Land Of The Rising Sun. The monster is a huge star in Zero-One and recently made his mixed martial arts debut at the massive K-1 event on New Year’s Eve titled “Dynamite”. Predator could not have been more impressive. He destroyed his opponent Mauricio Silva in just 13 seconds! Despite this amazing performance, the question remains, how will his skills match up with those of a fighting machine like Shamrock?

Ken Shamrock has often been billed as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”. There is a seemingly endless list of fallen opponents who would probably agree. Shamrock was one of the competitors most responsible for putting mixed martial arts on the map. He was recently inducted into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Fame. Much like Predator, Shamrock found great success when leaving the mat and octagon for the squared circle. As a professional wrestler, Shamrock continued to utilize his lethal combination of grappling, striking, and submission holds. Shamrock collected a lot of championship gold including the WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Titles as well as the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship. His ankle lock submission remains one of the most feared holds in the business. Can he apply it on a man the size of Predator? No titles will be on the line in this one, but a lot of pride will be. When the dust settles on February 20, who will have earned the title of “Most Dangerous Man”? Don’t miss your opportunity to be on hand live to find out!

UPW Presents it’s Fifth Anniversary Spectacular:
Who is the World’s Most Dangerous Man?




For the UPW Heavyweight Championship




3-Way Dance for the UPW Lightweight Championship









For the UPW Tag Team Championship – Tables, Ladders & Chairs!





Once and for all…For control of UPW!

Commissioner PETE DOYLE



No Holds Barred…No Disqualification!

6 Man Tag Team Action:

The Outlaws
(Mike Knox, Marshall Knox and Derek Neikirk)


The Pitbulls
(Reyes, Romero and Puma)

UPW Survival – Elimination Match-up:

The Miz * Shawn Riddick * Tony Stradlin * Tommy Wilson * Andrew Hellman


Navajo Warrior * Ma’koa * Sabbath * Skulu * King Dabada

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