AWS – January 7th, 2004

Tonight at Revolution Pro’s joint show with AWS, B-Boy and Joey Ryan put on a good back and fourth match in the main event. There was a sick three on three Lucha style brawl that took six men all over the arena and at one point or another forced every fan in the place to move out of their way as they fought through the crowd. Ronin and Dragon beat almighty shit out of Charles Mercury, as well as piss off a small group of children. Oh, and there was one other small thing that popped the place huge that is known as The Human Tornado! All in all, a fun evening of pro wrestling that gave exactly paid 100 fans much more than the $5.00 of wrestling they paid to see.The opener saw Chippy Sanchez, Mr. California, and Infernal wrestle Sexy Chino, Armageddon, and Krs Kaz. They opened the match with dives to the outside, which brought the crowd to their feet and hooked them into the match. I really don’t need to say much about this one, as anyone who has ever attended a Rev Pro show knows exactly what they’re gonna get in the opener. Some high spots, fast action, a bit of comedy, and you’ve got a 50/50 chance more than one of the guys in the ring will be pinned simultaneously with one or both of his partners for the finish. This time it was just Infernal pinning Sexy Chino for the fall after a nail in the coffin. Very short match.

Johnny Paradise and Extreme Loco started things up with the usual punches, but Paradise took control with a dropkick and a nice head and arm takedown to land Loco on his back. Loco fought back to put Paradise in a camel clutch, then repeatedly cross facing him while in the hold. Loco proceeded to work on the lower back of his opponent, with a power slam, sidewalk slam, and a knee in Paradise’s back reverse chin lock. Loco got his opponent for an impressive 10-second long delayed suplex. That looked so killer. Paradise thought he had turned the tide with a super kick, hitting a pair of brutal lariats and DDT. Somehow, though, he ended p on the business end of a choke slam. Paradise kicked out at two, and punched his way to hitting a tombstone pile driver for 3. All I have to say is that Loco looked great and KNAC forever!

Psycho and King Faviano came out to do battle with Johnny Webb and Steve Pain. Favi and Webb taunted each other a bit, Favi kicked Webb in the nuts, Webb tried to fight back, and then they both rolled out to put their partners in the ring. Psycho and Pain got in and worked lightning quick, shifting the ring a good six inches on the impact of some of the slams. Psycho moves very well for a man of his size, and Pain’s time in Mexico has paid off in spades. Webb tagged in after a leg drop to Psycho’s head; he and his partner used a lot of quick tags to keep Psycho grounded. Webb at one point utilized a variation of the figure four that looked like a sweet submission. Psycho battled back to hit a massive backdrop on Pain that looked like it killed him. Psycho immediately hit a sit out power bomb, but Webb broke up the pin. The finish saw Pain do a pretty lionsault onto Psycho, and when Favi came in to break up the pin, Pain moved and Favi dropped a senton splash onto his own partner, then Pain and Webb made a dog pile cover for the duke. At this point I’d like to talk a bit about Johnny Webb. Through the magic of UIWA home videos I’ve received from a buddy of mine; I have discovered that at one time Johnny Webb held the WD-40 weight title. I’ve seen several title defenses and think this was an ingenious idea. It was the kind of gimmick that a fan would either love or say, “Huh?” I’d like to know if Webb ever lost this title, and if so to whom and when? Does the belt still exist today, and can fans ever expect to see it defended in SoCal again? Trent, Doc, Webb, Hemp, Crayz, Byron, I’m looking at you guys for the answers, because inquiring minds want to know.

Eric Matlock, Desire, and King Jackal wrestled Bigg E. Biggs, Nikki, and the Human Tornado. Tornado was the last man to arrive at ringside, and delivered a massive beat down on Eric Matlock to start this match. Eric tagged Jackal, and the Tornado went to work on him as well. Human Tornado is easily the hippest and most colorful performer on the roster, and he can whip the crowd into a complete frenzy. Tornado tagged to Biggy, and it was three rolling suplexes for Jackal. Jackal responded with mad chops on Biggy, and both men tagged in the ladies. There was a decent catfight, but from the apron Matlock pulled Nikki’s hair, and Desire took control. As the rudos made every effort to distract referee Aaron Hasson, Desire cheated like Hailey Yap and beat the shit out of Nikki. Nikki tried to come back with chops, but Desire tagged in Matlock to beat down Nikki. Matlock hit a massive splash on Nikki, but Tornado broke up the pin. Nikki hit a sunset flip on Matlock, and followed it up with an arm drag to Matlock. After Eric tagged Desire, Nikki leg dropped her opponent, and then made the hot tag to Biggy. Biggy came in, and the whole match became a cluster bang. After massive interference, Desire pinned Nikki.

Steve Pain, Nemesis, and Lil’ Cholo wrestled El Mongel, Phoenix Star, and Misterioso. I missed almost this entire match due to assorted reasons, and I have no idea who won. I’ll just say the brawl went all over the building, my new camera got broken, and it revolved around Cholo and Misterioso being in the ring while the other guys went ape shit. El Mongel got busted open. I saw Jezebel take bumps from Mysterioso, the guy she represented, when they were not on the same page. I saw Cholo hit her with a chain. Nemesis made a sick dive onto Star, which cleared an entire section. I only saw bits and pieces, but this looked crazy. I’ll have to buy the video just to see this in it’s entirety.

Super Dragon and Ronin kicked the crap out of Topgun Talwar and Charles Mercury, especially Mercury. Dragon and Talwar started things of with mat wrestling, the only difference between the two being that Dragon accented his holds with bitch slaps to Topgun. Topgun powdered, and when he got back in, he was face to face with Ronin, who started to over power the man from Miramar. Talwar tagged Mercury, and the two double-teamed the Ronin with running knees to the head. Mercury started working on Ronin’s neck, utilizing a chin lock and a reverse neck breaker. Ronin escaped to hit a spinning heel kick, and tagged in Super Dragon. Dragon started his destruction of Mercury with the half surfboard face stomp, and then hooked on the octopus. After the wear down hold, Dragon threw Charles from the ring, where Charles quickly got familiar with the feeling of being thrown into a bunch of chairs sitting on cement.

Once back in the ring, Charles was able to enjoy the fun of being placed over Ronin’s knees as Dragon stomped his chest off the top rope. Dragon threw Mercury back into the crowd, then threw him in a trashcan, then kicked the hell out of said trashcan. Back in the ring, Ronin started to work Mercury’s back, using a surfboard and a reverse chin lock. Ronin tagged his partner, who was more than happy to boot stomp Charles’s head from the top rope. After being beat a bit more, Mercury was able to pull off a tornado DDT from nowhere, and managed to tag Talwar. Topgun was ready to take charge of Dragon right away, and when Dragon tagged out, Topgun was dominant over Ronin. After a series of kicks and punches, Ronin was able to pull off a suplex. He tagged Dragon, and Dragon leapt off the top to attempt stomps on Talwar’s head, but Topgun moved. It looked for a moment that Topgun had saved himself, but Dragon recovered in mid air enough to land and force Talwar to attend a violent party. Following the festivities, Dragon dropped an elbow off the top rope, but only got 2. Talwar reversed a power bomb attempt into a chicken run (was he ever a chicken?), but it was not good for a win. Mercury was tagged back in, but his offense was not effective. After Talwar came back in, he was pinned by Ronin following a double team DVD by the opposition. Dragon celebrated the win by talking shit to the kids at ringside, then re-entering the ring to psycho drive Mercury just for the hell of it. Dragon turned his attention back to the kids at ringside, and he and Ronin ripped up all their signs. After that, they started talking shit and holding up their middle fingers. After a fan pushed Dragon, he grabbed a chair and threatened to hit the kids with it.

This was total mayhem. I’ve talked a lot of crap on Dragon in previous years, and I’ve taken most of it back. Tonight, though, I’d have to say he went a little too far. Some of those kids looked legit scared. I felt bad for the young ones. Also, the middle finger is a bit over the top for kids under 10. On the other side of the coin, Bobby Hill is way too old to act like he doesn’t know he shouldn’t be at ringside. I stopped him from running into the locker room tonight, as did Biggy. It sucked that the whole group of kids were taken home after the Dragon thing; it would have been cool if the kids were there for the main event.

B-Boy and Joey Ryan had a sweet match. It was just as good as I thought it would be, and the opening sequences established them both as each other’s equals, as every fan who’s ever seen them together in the ring already knows. Joey worked B-Boy’s left arm throughout the match, using the code red quite liberally. When Joey took control early, he utilized the red, but also arm bars, elbow locks, a couple of suplexes, and an x factor. B-Boy escaped for a brief powder, and then came back with a stiff back kick. B-Boy continued to work the lower back with several cradle type wear down holds, then started to drop Joey into a DVD that made Joey’s neck land on B-Boy’s right knee. Somehow Joey was able to hit a northern lights suplex on B-Boy, then a shoulder breaker. B-Boy attempted a running bitch slap, but got German suplexed. The two then exchanged a serried of elbows to each other’s jaw, and B-Boy missed an attempt at the Shining Wizard. Joey then delivered a successful wizard, and then reverted back to the code red. When B-Boy made the ropes, Joey tried the swinging neck breaker off the ropes he is famous for, but came up short. B-Boy, pissed that he took a wizard, gave Joey his own move off the ropes. This made them even.

At this point there was a very long double down, with both men exhausted. When both men made their feet, it seemed like no one could put together a string of moves. One guy would give a move, and then take one. B-Boy hit the dropkick in the corner, but followed with another wizard for 2. B-Boy took his sweet time to follow up. As B-Boy went to the top, Joey made it clear he was playing possum and delivered a superplex. He followed it with another code red, but to no avail. B-Boy slapped on the crippler cross face, and that was that. Your winner, B-Boy.

These AWS/Rev Pro shows rock, and I’m glad they are taking place. Tonight was a ton of fun. They aren’t as fun as Rev X, but nothing really is. I’m going to say mad props to AWC, and THANK YOU BART!!!!!!!!

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