XPW TV Recap – September 29th, 2001

» XPW TV goes over what happened last week, including the signing of an Exploding Ring Match between “Vicious” Vic Grimes and Supreme for the XPW Deathmatch Title. Also, Kaos was informed that he was going to defend the XPW TV Title against New Jack at Halloween in Hell II!

» Veronica Caine walks into the XPW Offices, where a secretary just ignores her and continues to talk on the phone. She finally gets off, and tells her Rob Black is busy. He usually doesn’t take people who just walk in, they come in by appointment. She can’t have people just walk around the office back there. » Larry Rivera and Kris Kloss discuss Supreme’s health and him being basically screwed by the Black Army. Supreme still hasn’t gotten anything he’s wanted, and has to fight Vic Grimes AGAIN for the Deathmatch Title. He wants Kaos, he needs Kaos, he HAS to destroy Kaos for betraying him! For tickets for “Halloween in Hell 2” [featuring such wrestlers as Damien Steele, New Jack, Kaos, Supreme, Vampiro, + more], visit XPW’s official site XPWrestling.com.

» We see Veronica Caine outside the XPW Offices, calling Kevin Kleinrock, pretending to be Major Gunns. The receptionist leaves her seat to go tell Kevin, while Ms. Caine enters into the back.

» We see Mr. Robert Black watching football, while Angel stands in front of the TV blocking his view. He doesn’t know why Angel can’t grasp the concept of football. Right as they’re talking, Veronica Caine walks in and interrupts his football game! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Caine insists that Kaos will not fight New Jack on October 13th, but Black wants nothing of it. It’s only fair that New Jack gets his shot at the Television Title after winning the battle royal. Veronica Caine insinuates that The Enterprise and the Black Army should get together. She’s talking about Caine’s body and Black’s body getting together. Mr. Black just wants to watch his football game, she calls him dumb for doing that and leaves.

» Kevin walks in, and says that he got a call from Major Gunns but no one was there. Rob Black says that he was tricked by Veronica Caine, and she doesn’t Kaos fighting New Jack. Angel says Caine was hitting on Black, she could do “things” for him. He doesn’t believe Angel, but Kevin does! They get into the topic of Lizzy Borden, his wife. Black changes the subject and says no one was hitting on him. Angel calls him handsome, AHHHHHHHHHHH! They agree not to tell Lizzy about Veronica Caine, no need for cat-fighting.

» Rivera and Kloss discuss the previous happenings from this episode of XPW TV, including Veronica Caine wanting to handle everything herself. Rivera says Caine can handle any of his THINGS any time she wants… AHHHHHHHHHH!

Konnan shows off his wrestling superiority off early with a huge clothesline and side suplex on Vic Grimes! But Grimes shows that he’s more powerful with a mega leg drop and a splash in the corner. Grimes then goes to the top rope, but misses a leg drop. Konnan takes advantage of this and hits a side to belly suplex. Fans who only know Konnan from WCW were surprised next when the two went to the floor and battled with anything that wasn’t bolted down. Guardrails, steps, metal signs, barricades, lights, a ladder and more! Grimes over powers him with a suplex on the concrete! Vic then sets Konnan on a table on the outside, does a front flip from the top rope, but Konnan moves just in time! K-Dog throws Grimes back in the ring where he locks on the Tequila Sunrise for the submission! With both of Black’s men out of the tournament, the Army hits the ring to beat down Konnan. Halloween, Damien, and Victoria head to the ring and out of the crowd runs a familiar looking man. The Army leaves the ring, and Konnan talks about La Familia taking over XPW. The group, consisting of Konnan, Halloween, Damien, Victoria, and Psychosis (the familiar looking man) is going to win the TV title and then take it straight to Rob Black!

» We see Kevin Kleinrock wearing “his” Deathmatch Title, telling Rob Black that he’s not gay and is going out on a date with Aaron. Johnny Webb walks in, and says he’ll be shooting his promo for 20/20 Liquor to get some cash to pay XPW. But Webb is really worried about something, who is his mystery opponent at HIH2? Would he let someone who owes him $1372 get hurt? Webb says he doesn’t even have the number written down, but Kevin insists it is in his head. As ‘White Trash’ leaves, Black and Kleinrock start making fun of him. He comes back in, and asks AGAIN why he had to tap so quick to Konnan. In order for him to be World Champion, he had to lose to Konnan!

» Kevin is sitting on Black’s leather chair, adding condiments to his burger slowly. Black shouts to him that he’s gay, gay like Angel! After their homosexual conversation, they try to figure out where to put Konnan into Halloween In Hell II. Black says he has something, that something will be revealed next week. Mexico’s Most Wanted, Konnan, and Pyschosis will all have work at the next show. The next topic is how in the hell D got into the building. Angel tried to stop him, but D beat his ass. D has to start at the bottom, and he will with Angel at Halloween in Hell 2 on October 13th.

» Kevin is in his office, looking at Britney Spears photos on the Internet. He gets a call, kisses Britney’s picture, and leaves his office.

» G.Q. Money is in Veronica Caine’s office, but she’s not there. Kaos asks him if the Bodybuilding Competition for the next show is on, but not at HIH2. What? He has to wrestle New Jack? Money says he can pose after he beats New Jack, 1-2-3. Kaos is the superstar, G.Q. needs to take care of it.

» Kevin runs into Black’s office, and says Supreme is on his way. He didn’t give him what he wanted. Supreme wanted a shot at the Deathmatch Title against Kaos, not Grimes in an Exploding Ring Match. Black tells Kevin to get all the trainees at The Asylum to confront him when he arrives.

» The VP of XPW, Kevin Kleinrock, gets all the students to stand at every doorway, with the biggest of them all [some huge red neck guy] at the front door.

» Supreme gets to the office, throws that big red neck dude a side, and punches the rest in the face! He gets into his office, where he pummels Angel, and finds Kevin behind Black’s desk. On October 13th, Supreme is F’N back! He’s not scared of this sh*t, Black’s dead, Kevin’s dead, everyone’s dead!

» We see G.Q. Money dancing on top of his table, when Kaos calls. He tells him he’s not fighting New Jack, he took care of it. He drops the phone, and continues to dance on top of the table! GQ Money got moves!

» Black walks into his office, see Angel hurting, and finds Kevin under his desk. WHOA, WHOA! He tells him Supreme came, but he didn’t punch him. Why didn’t he, what was he thinking? He tells him Supreme said he’s number 2 on his list, with Kaos being first. He orders them to leave his office.

The End…